Rudy Reindeer Expansion Pack #1

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This is an expansion pack including 8 unique characters (1M, 1F, 6 flexible - see the character list below). This also includes an updated free, printable invitation that includes all of the new characters. This product has two additional expandable teams where you can cover up to 20+ players on each. 

This document should be printed in addition to the original Rudy Reindeer Mystery Party game kit.

For the Your Mystery Party guest site - send your guests to www.yourmysteryparty.comreindeergames 

This site includes the expansion pack players. This is a fun guest pre-game site to get your guests in the holiday spirit and ready to play your mystery game!  

Click here for the invite and click here for the character list



This game was updated on 11/6/22. The expansion pack was revised from 5 characters to 8 characters with 2 expandable teams.