Plaza Ritz Murder Mystery Expansion Pack #1

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 This expansion pack adds another 5 suspects (CEO | Nominees) to your event.  This is not a stand alone file - it must be played in conjunction with the Plaza Ritz Hotel Murder game.  All 5 need to be played in the game if you add this pack.  This enables you to have another 65+ players in your game (totaling 240+ players), as you'll team up ~ 15+ supporting players with each CEO | Suspect | Nominee.  Therefore, there is a  minimum of 75 players by using this kit (15 suspects with 4 supporting players each). 

This game is best played as a large event for a seated dinner party in a ballroom. 

Need even more players, here's the link to expansion pack #2 (best to play in order)


Click here for the free invitation and click here for the character list