Once Upon a Murder Mystery Expansion Pack #2

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This is an instant download of expansion pack #2 including 7 additional unique characters (2 females, 3 males, 2 either) for the 'Once Upon a Murder Mystery' Mystery Party(see the character list below).

There are 4 expansion packs for this game. They can be played in any combination, as they are all optional. 

*It is highly suggested to add the expansion packs (1-4) in order. 

Therefore, to be optimal, it is 'best' to play the expansion packs in order of occurrence and use as many from each expansion pack before going on to the next. The players are added to the guest list on the free invitation, and the Your Mystery Party site in order of occurrence. That means, on your invite and guest pre-game site, there will be players from the main game and expansion pack 1.  

Do not assign players that you have not purchased the materials for, as we will be unable to provide you with expansion packs for free.  

Playing the expansion packs in order also minimizes your guests seeing unused players in the invitation materials and Your Mystery Party site. 

The invitation that includes both the main game and expansion packs #1-2 is below - scroll to the bottom framed icons and click to download. The Your Mystery Party site that includes the main game and expansion pack #1-2 players is here: This document should be printed in addition to the original fairytale murder mystery party game kit. This is not a complete 'stand alone' game - it is only to be purchased if you are needing up to 7 additional unique characters for this murder mystery party game. 

Last revised, 2020. 

Click here for the character list and click here for the free invite


 Note: never allow your guests to choose their characters from the free invite or guest pregame site as there may be characters you haven't purchased - such as in expansion pack #1. You, as the host, are to choose the characters for your guests from the characters that you have purchased.   


  • 4
    Love the storyline

    Posted by Natalie TylerVincent on Oct 30th 2019

    So first of all the storyline is awesome but I found that I have a need for flexibility so I moved things around but it worked well

  • 5
    Great Option for a Teen Birthday Party

    Posted by Marcella on Sep 26th 2018

    We chose this game for my daughter's 13th birthday party (in lieu of the traditional slumber party). We invited 18 girls, anticipating that maybe half would attend. The girls were so excited for the event, we had all but one (who had a conflict) show up. The pre-game tasks were a huge hit and really psyched them up for the party. The costumes they came up with were amazing, especially considering we told them not to buy a costume, but come up with something based upon what they already had at home. They stayed in character the entire night and absolutely had a blast! I think it was a bit difficult for them to solve only because there were so many characters, but the girls didn't seem to mind. The murder mystery party was a great way to keep everyone involved without anyone feeling left out - a difficult task for this age. I'd definitely recommend this idea to anyone, and would do it again.

  • 5
    Fun & Entertaining for the Party!

    Posted by Aubrey on Nov 17th 2017

    My daughter chose this game for her murder mystery Sweet 16 party. She enjoyed assigning characters and we asked the girls to each wear something small reminiscent of their character. There was a lot of cutting out and assembling involved which was expected, I was glad I had access to a paper cutter. We bought this last minute but I wish I had spent more time, as the host, looking through the cards to get a better understanding of what was going on so I could answer any questions or provide direction as needed. The ending was a big surprise and the girls had a ton of fun acting in character

  • 5
    One of the best and most creative parties we have done

    Posted by Kathryn Keziah Aaliyah on Oct 20th 2017

    My 13 year old asked to have a mystery party. We had children from all sorts of backgrounds, some with violence, so I tried to find a party that would work for that and 11-16 year olds. This party hit the spot. The extras saved the day when things started slowing down. Over and Over again the children said how much fun they had and how creative. I would recommend this to anyone!

  • 5
    In love with this game

    Posted by Christi on Oct 6th 2016

    Oh, my! This game was fabulous! The expansion pack players were seamlessly integrated and were just as i8mportant (or so it seemed). Great, great, great!