Murder on Baker Street

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A murder mystery party game set in the early 1900's  for 12-18 guests, ages 14 and up due to difficulty. Expansion pack #1 (purchased separately) adds an additional 6 either gender players. This is the instant download version of the game, you will have everything needed to play within the download, and there's nothing to ship, so you avoid shipping fees. No waiting, just download, print, prepare and play! Don't want to prepare your game? No worries - for the party ready pack (boxed set), click on the link below in the helpful links section.

Included: There are four PDF files to download with this game - a host instruction file, printable file, solution key, and an optional free invitation file.   You must use Adobe Reader (free software that you can download at to view the PDF file, as a PDF is an Adobe product.    

Format: this is a traditional, mingling, clue-based game (downloadable version) for in-person groups. For virtually-formatted games that are ideal for video chat platforms, click here.   

Gifting: the standard game license does not allow transfers, so you cannot purchase a download as a gift. For gifts, click here for gift certificates, or use the link below for the boxed version of the game (party pack).   

Five out of ten difficulty.This game was updated on 9/24/21.

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 Host character list
 Free, printable invitation
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 Murder mystery prop emporium
 6 character expansion pack - Purchased separately
 Boxed version - My Mystery Party will prepare your party ready kit
 Direct your guests here - the corresponding pre-game site at Your Mystery Party


Murder Mystery Synopsis:

Sherlock and Watson are hosting a dinner party with an intriguing group of guests at their flat on Baker Street. Londoners were shocked recently when the infamous Lord Blackstone assisted Scotland Yard with the capture of the depraved serial killer, Victor von Vacher. Has Lord Blackstone turned a new leaf and abandoned his cult of followers? Or, is this all a ruse to gain the trust of those he seeks to destroy? Alas, you have been invited to the party and wouldn't miss it for the world. This is where your story begins.

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Minimum age:
14 years for difficulty. There are mentions of gambling, cults, and serial killers but no foul language, sexual innuendos, or drug references.
Difficulty rating:
Moderate, 5/10
Gender of character roles:
Co-ed, 9 female & 9 male.
Number of players in the main game:
12-18, 18 characters. 12 required (6M, 6F), and 6 optional (3M, 3F)
Expansion pack(s):
Expansion pack #1 (purchased separately) has 6 flex-gender players
Expandable team players:
Publication date:
Unique content?:
An optional scavenger hunt & one brief group challenge with evidence from the victim.
Game license:
Single, private use. For the game license's Terms and Conditions, see below.


  • 5
    Participants thoroughly enjoyed this murder mystery

    Posted by Anne Marie Talbott on May 7th 2024

    My guests and I had a very positive experience with this murder mystery. I picked it for the theme, doesn’t get much better than classic Sherlock! My guests were teenagers (14-17yr) and they all stepped up to the task admirably. At first I was worried about whether they’d be able to role-play, but they all did a good job, there were definitely character breaks and some goofing off (ever heard ‘bro’ in a heavy English accent?!) But it generally stayed cohesive, and everyone found themselves enjoying it (they also did an AMAZING job finding costumes, I wish I could share them here!) I found the Pinterest board kind of tacky and not super helpful, but I’m thankful for the idea of assembling a Pinterest board, I forget how helpful they can be for this sort of thing! I ended up putting together my own boards for Edwardian men's and women’s costumes for my guests to peruse. If you are planning on organizing a mystery part using this package, I have a few recommendations -Get early RSVPs! I asked people for their availability about 2 months beforehand, and sent invitations 1 month beforehand, makes things way easier, and people start to get super excited about the upcoming party the longer they know about it! Also, definitely send out the pre-game task cards, that really upped the excitement in the final week. -Consider sealing the clue cards with wax. You can get a whole box of wax sealing beads for $10 bucks off Amazon, and a stamp for $7 if you don’t have one already. It made the clue cards so thrilling to open, and made it feel official! I also printed them out on a paper that looked old and tanned like parchment to complete the effect. -Get a little fancy with, and emphasize drinks and food. Since this game is based on the idea of Sherlock hosting a dinner party, I think it’s a good idea to probably actually have dinner. I made sure there were fun drinks available all night (all non-alcoholic due the age range) with a fancy punch bowl, glasses, and a decanter. Dinner was stew with rolls, and dessert was a choice between fancy pistachio or butterscotch pudding served in parfait glasses. I personally tried to emphasize fancy glass to enhance the theme. I had small detailed glass bowls out with nuts, raisins, and chocolate all night for guests to snack on (mostly pre-dinner) I also had coffee and tea available to guests all night. -If you want to host and play, it’s definitely possible, but I decided to not to play as an official character, and just be “Maria” aka Sherlock’s steward (a made up character) for the night. It gave me peace of mind, not having to worry about accidentally seeing spoilers, and making sure everything flowed smoothly without having to worry about being an actual character. I also recruited two helpers to assist me throughout the night, filling empty bottles, washing glasses, setting tables etc. In the end, only one person solved the mystery! The person got overlooked by everyone, and managed to slide under everyone’s investigations, but the person did come to the conclusion that they themselves were it! The murderer was the only one who figured it out! Ha! It didn’t water down the evening though, it just encouraged more discussion and hilarity, and much conversations in the days after the event. 
 (Before seeing who the murderer was while printing out materials, I made my guess, and was right. It’s ‘easy’ to figure out while having the broad overview of everything, but as a guest having one-on-one conversations with everyone, it’s surprising how things can be missed or assumed!) Three small things I ended up doing that I’m glad I included: 1. One of my assistants was an unofficial "butler" as each character arrived, I gave them their name tag and first clue card, then directed them to a side room, where they could digest and read in quiet. Then, when they were ready to be in character and proceed, our butler escorted them into the living room to be "announced" and introduced to Sherlock. This made the transition to 'hey I'm here! hi friend who I’ve known all my life!’ to 'Hello Mr Sherlock, my name is Devon Ferguson, and I'm delighted to be at your dinner party' very very smooth, without awkwardness! 2. Marbles was played as a short game to fill time between the opening of the first clue cards and dinner. It fit really well with the theme, and all the guests had a lot of fun playing! Per the recommendation of my brother, who has played marbles before, we did it outside on the driveway, so the marbles didn’t slide around on the wood floor. 3. Awards Ceremony. I bought little golden plastic trophies from Amazon, dolled them up a bit, and bought a bar of chocolate to go with each of them. There was an award for Best actor (male), best actor (female), best costume (male), best costume (female), Marbles winner, and money game winner (another game we included as recommended in the host PDF) It was a 10/10 night. A lot of work went into it, but it was worth the price, and worth the work! (Haha this turned into a really long review but I hope it'll be a help to others!)

  • 5
    Fun Lunch Time Activity

    Posted by Riette on May 23rd 2023

    We used it as a team-building activity during lunch at work, and it was a hit!

  • 5
    Kids ages 13 - 17 Really Enjoyed the Game

    Posted by Kelly Terrell on Feb 6th 2023

    I had a group of 24 students, ages 13 up to 17 and they really enjoyed the game. Admittedly, only one person was able to identify the correct solution but what a blast they had! The material was easy to prep and it was also easy for me to not "spoil" it for myself as I didn't want to be biased in the roles that I assigned. It did take them a bit to get the hang of it and I know if I do it again, my instructions will be a bit more clear but great fun for everyone involved. We did not do any additional games and it did take us 3 hours and that included a sit down dinner. We will definitely do something like this again!

  • 5
    Makes for a fun party!

    Posted by Callie on Nov 8th 2021

    This murder mystery made our party really fun! I was worried at first about participation, but very soon everyone was very into their characters. There were also a lot of fun surprises as the story came out. I opted to download the content and fix it up by myself and was careful to not read the spoiler content. I was able to join without knowing anything! Would definitely recommend! :)

  • 5
    So much fun!

    Posted by Rachel on Apr 3rd 2021

    We purchased this for my daughter’s 16th birthday party and the kids all loved it! We had 14 teenagers in all and they really got into it and had a good time solving the mystery. The game instructions were very detailed and all the print outs were easy to prepare. It takes a lot of prep work and we did a whole dinner to go along but it was such a fun and memorable birthday party. I highly recommend trying a mystery party!

  • 5
    Baker Street Murder MASTERCLASS!

    Posted by Hannah on Dec 15th 2020

    I hosted this Mystery Party for my Year 11 (16-17 year old) English class who are studying Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle at the moment. Despite the students being nervous to begin, they quickly got into character and engaged in very intense discussions between characters. The students enjoyed the experience very much, many theories abounded, and there was much excitement about solving the case. This was a brilliant, practical way for my students to engage with the characters and genre of Sherlock Holmes and their enjoyment was commented on around the school as apparently much conversation was had in other classrooms, the library and even on the playground! The resources supplied were excellent and the host package explained everything brilliantly. I would highly recommend this party and Mystery Party in general!

  • 5
    Lots of fun, tried this virtual, worked ok

    Posted by Unknown on May 17th 2020

    So, we tried this for a virtual birthday party. I sent out everyone's individual part 1, 2, and 3 ahead of time (so it would be nice if the packet was organized this way. I sent out everyone copies of the clues. I asked them to have someone else put it in envelops is possible about 1/2 printed out ahead of time, and others didn't. We had some people dress up in hats, other used snap camera to finish their costume. There were a few things that we should have done ahead of time to make this easier. 1) First, make sure that everyone at the party has either each other's email addresses or phone numbers so they can email and text back and forth. There were parts that were supposed to be a secret from others and we let them be known too soon. 2) Login with your fictional name 3) have everyone login separately - if in the same location - only one person needs to have sound on. Everyone had a great time, even though a few things happened out of order, fun was had by all. ---------------------------------------------------------------- FROM MMP STAFF: This is a face-to-face traditional format game that isn't the format to play online through video chat. We will have conversion kits for virtual play for our most popular games later in 2020, but we recommend playing the virtually formatted games for video chat. We are super glad you made this work for you, though! That is awesome! Thanks for your feedback.

  • 5
    Good clean fun for a larger group

    Posted by Sherlock on Oct 28th 2019

    This was my first time hosting a mystery party of any kind. I had heard a lot about them but didn't know for sure if my group of friends would enjoy it as much as I hoped they would. They tend to be nerdy and reserved and do well with strategy games but not party games. After the party, however, all of them told me several times how much they enjoyed it! One particularly introverted young man commented that it was like "playing those video games like Zelda where you have to go to different people and see what they have to say." Coming from his background, this was an incredible compliment.