Murder on Baker Street - a My Mystery Party game.

Murder on Baker Street

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    A murder mystery party game set in the early 1900's  for 12-18 guests, ages 14 and up due to difficulty. Expansion pack #1 (purchased separately) adds an additional 6 either gender players. This is the instant download version of the game, you will have everything needed to play within the download, and there's nothing to ship, so you avoid shipping fees. No waiting, just download, print, prepare and play! Don't want to prepare your game? No worries - for the party ready pack (boxed set), click on the link below in the helpful links section.

    Five out of ten difficulty.   Note: this game is new and we are still collecting feedback on difficulty level. 

     Game release date: July, 2019

    Helpful Links:

     Click here to view the character list!
     Click here for the free, printable invitation!
    Click here to view sample game materials.
    Click here for the 6 character expansion pack
    Click here for the boxed version - have My Mystery Party staff prepare your game kit!
    Click here to check out the Murder Mystery Prop Emporium! 
     Direct your guests to the corresponding pre-game site at 'Your Mystery Party'



    Mystery Synopsis

    Sherlock and Watson are hosting a dinner party with an intriguing group of guests at their flat on Baker Street. 
    Londoners were shocked recently when the infamous Lord Blackstone assisted Scotland Yard with the capture of the depraved serial killer, 
    Victor von Vacher.  Has Lord Blackstone turned a new leaf and abandoned his cult of followers? Or, is this all a ruse to gain the trust of those he seeks to destroy? 
     Alas, you have been invited to the party and wouldn't miss it for the world. This is where your story begins.
    If you wish to host this (or any other) game for profit, you will need a commercial license or provide us with your 501C number for a charity fundraiser - click here. 

    For DIY party decor and food: 

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  • Other Details

    Minimum age: 14 years for difficulty. There are mentions of gambling, cults, and serial killers but no foul language, sexual innuendos, or drug references.
    Number of players: 12-18
    Expandable: No
    Expansion pack(s): Expansion pack #1 has 6 either gender players
    Difficulty?: 5/10 difficulty rating
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    1. Lots of fun, tried this virtual, worked ok

      So, we tried this for a virtual birthday party. I sent out everyone's individual part 1, 2, and 3 ahead of time (so it would be nice if the packet was organized this way. I sent out everyone copies of the clues. I asked them to have someone else put it in envelops is possible about 1/2 printed out ahead of time, and others didn't. We had some people dress up in hats, other used snap camera to finish their costume. There were a few things that we should have done ahead of time to make this easier. 1) First, make sure that everyone at the party has either each other's email addresses or phone numbers so they can email and text back and forth. There were parts that were supposed to be a secret from others and we let them be known too soon. 2) Login with your fictional name 3) have everyone login separately - if in the same location - only one person needs to have sound on. Everyone had a great time, even though a few things happened out of order, fun was had by all.
      This is a face-to-face traditional format game that isn't the format to play online through video chat. We will have conversion kits for virtual play for our most popular games later in 2020, but we recommend playing the virtually formatted games for video chat. We are super glad you made this work for you, though! That is awesome! Thanks for your feedback.
      on May 17th 2020

    2. Good clean fun for a larger group

      This was my first time hosting a mystery party of any kind. I had heard a lot about them but didn't know for sure if my group of friends would enjoy it as much as I hoped they would. They tend to be nerdy and reserved and do well with strategy games but not party games. After the party, however, all of them told me several times how much they enjoyed it! One particularly introverted young man commented that it was like "playing those video games like Zelda where you have to go to different people and see what they have to say." Coming from his background, this was an incredible compliment. on Oct 28th 2019

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