Fun Spooktacular Halloween Party Recipes That Will Make Your Guests Scream for More

Posted by Dr. Bon Blossman on Sep 22nd 2023

Fun Spooktacular Halloween Party Recipes That Will Make Your Guests Scream for More

As the moon shines brightly in the October sky and shadows dance mischievously in the corners, it’s time to gather your ghouls and goblins for a hauntingly delicious feast! Unleash your culinary creativity with these  fun spooktacular Halloween party recipes, guaranteed to bewitch your guests and leave them screaming for more! Grab your cauldron and wand - it's time to cook up a storm and make this Halloween unforgettable!  These are perfect recipes to serve at your Halloween mystery party.

Mummy Hot Dogs

Ingredients: Hot dogs, crescent roll dough, mustard.

Instructions: Wrap hot dogs with strips of crescent roll dough to look like mummies. Bake according to crescent roll package instructions. Use mustard for eyes.

Mummy Hot dogs for a Halloween mystery party

Spider Deviled Eggs

Ingredients: Hard-boiled eggs, mayo, mustard, black olives.

Instructions: Make deviled eggs as usual. Cut black olives in half for the body and slice the other half for the legs to make spiders on top.

Spider Deviled Eggs for your Halloween mystery party.

Vampire Teeth Cookies

Ingredients: Cookies, marshmallows, red icing.

Instructions: Sandwich marshmallows between two cookies using red icing, so it looks like vampire teeth.

Vampire Teeth Cookies for your Halloween mystery party

Witches' Broomsticks

Ingredients: Pretzel sticks, string cheese.

Instructions: Insert pretzel sticks into pieces of string cheese frayed at the ends to resemble broomsticks.

Witch's Broomsticks for your next Halloween Mystery Party.

Ghostly Bananas

Ingredients: Bananas, white chocolate, chocolate chips.

Instructions: Dip halved bananas into melted white chocolate and place chocolate chips for eyes and mouth.

Yummy treats for your next Halloween mystery party.

Monster Teeth

Ingredients: Apple slices, peanuts (or sub with any nut), peanut butter.

Instructions: Slice your apple into wedges and pair them. Place peanut butter on the inside of the wedges and insert your teeth. Slice a strawberry into a thin piece for a tongue and use icing to make eyes on the apple wedge skin (see above). 

Halloween treats for your next Halloween mystery party.

Hot Dog Fingers

Ingredients: Hot dogs or sausages with matching buns and ketchup.

Instructions: Slice nail beds and finger markings onto each hot dog and tear the other end, slathering in ketchup to give a fun and rather creepy severed appearance. Place into the bun with some messy ketchup for a cool effect.  

Hot dog fingers for your next Halloween mystery party.

Enjoy the spooky spirit with these creative and delicious Halloween party recipes!