Murder in 1985 | A Virtual 1980's Themed Murder Mystery Game

Murder in 1985 | A Virtual Murder Mystery

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    This is a lighthearted 1980's murder mystery theme for 6-10 players (with an expansion pack, purchased separately, that adds another 6 players plus a spectator file to include up to 100+ non-suspect players), ages 13 and up. This is formatted for virtual (video chat) play. This can be played with only 4-5 players. This game should take 2 hours to play. The game can be played in two ways - at home with a group or via a video-chat service of your choice. This is the instant download version of the game - no waiting, no shipping, and no printing is needed. Download and play! This murder mystery game was formatted to play on Zoom or other video chat - you send each player a PDF file before the game and meet up virtually to play!



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     Click here to view the character list!
     Click here for the free, printable invitation!
     Click here for the six character expansion pack - play as many as you need. 
    Click here to check out the Murder Mystery Prop Emporium! 
     Direct your guests to the corresponding pre-game site at 'Your Mystery Party'


    It is 1985, and after losing market share to sweeter competitors, Koko-Cola has revised its classic formulation and named the new beverage Best Cola. The CEO, Martin McFly, is hosting a huge bash to celebrate the release and has invited the Who’s Who of the entertainment industry to attend the party. 

    With so many Yes Men fluttering around Mr. McFly, he’s blinded to the reality that he is one of the most dreadful men in the world. He’s stolen ideas, broken hearts, slashed egos, and even kidnapped the beloved pets of foes when it suited him. 

    Alas, you are one of the ‘80s icons that received an exclusive invitation to this event. Mr. McFly has wronged you in the past but needs your fame to help launch Best ColaIt should be interesting how this all plays out. This is where your story begins. 


    • Host instruction file - including bonus games to play virtually, player instructions, and a timeline sheet (abbreviated instructions) for your event.
    • 10 character packets (PDF files) to send to your players in advance of the party. They include instructions, a character bio, and three rounds of game play (optional pre-game, round one materials, round two materials). 
    • Solution keys for the game and game challenge (and optional bonus games) - host can play along without spoiling the game.
    • Editable text field player contact sheet for pre-game
    • Three videos of a detective's call on speaker phone to play to start the game, start round two, and give the solution
    • Free invitation (optional to use)
    • Free pre-game website (optional, but suggested)

      If you wish to host this (or any other) game for profit, you will need a commercial license or provide us with your 501C number for a charity fundraiser - click here.   Note: we are not issuing waivers between September 2020 and January 2021.


  • Other Details

    Minimum Age: 12 and up due to difficulty.
    Gender of players: Flexible.
    Number of players: 6-10 in the main game (you can play with only 4-5). You'll receive an optional character list for the host that narrows to 4 required.
    Expansion pack?: Expansion pack #1 has 6, gender flexible characters - all optional. With the expansion pack, you'll receive a spectator file to cover up to 100+ players in the game.
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    1. totally 80s totally fun

      Played this the other night with an old group of friends and we couldn't stop laughing (and reminiscing about the 80s). Very fun and easy.

      on Jan 4th 2021

    2. A ton of fun!

      A group of 10 of us did this for a birthday party, all on Zoom. Everyone LoVED the pre-game texting. That really set the mood and help us all get into it. The gameplay itself was just a little bit clunky since people get new info about themselves throughout the game and then just read it. But I’m not sure even what I would suggest to help that along so it really was fine. The videos and clues were well done and we had a great time! Hosting wasn’t too difficult and I still got to participate which was great. And it was a good price! Thank you for putting this together!! on Oct 6th 2020

    3. A perfect B-day activity during a pandemic!

      We played the 1985 Murder game virtually for my birthday since gathering in person during a pandemic was out of the question. It was the perfect party, so perfect I'll probably host a virtual game ever year! I had a lot of fun planning and encourage players to do the pre-game. In retrospect, we all agreed that it would have been ok, even helpful, if we had read ahead in the packets so we knew all the info about ourselves. There weren't really any spoilers, and it was kind of hard to start a new round with paragraphs of new info that you immediately needed to know and share. If you don't read ahead, make sure the host gives players enough time to read and digest the info. I imagine if you were playing in person or taking breaks that would have solved the issue.

      Also, the game was so affordable for what you get!
      Thank you for your feedback! We do not suggest allowing the players to read their whole packets before the game starts - the challenges are meant to be seen in real time, and you don't want players trying to solve them before the party begins. Also, the videos keep the story moving. If the players have already seen round two information before they hear the video during your game - it just will kill the story. So, we do not suggest ever allowing the players to view materials they are told not to view ahead of time. It's very calculated to give information in order while it's being played live. It's okay that there's a bit of a lull when round two begins after the video - let everyone enjoy a snack while they read their page :) We are super glad you enjoyed the game!
      on Sep 29th 2020

    4. Lots of laughs!

      We played this last weekend for a lockdown birthday party (we're in Melbourne Australia!). We played with the full 16 players and we laughed a lot! Best advice is to play the pre game it's so much fun and a great way to start things off. As the host there is a bit of preparing to do but you can still join in the game without any spoiler alerts. Encourage everyone to dress up and add as many accents as you can! Can't wait to do one IRL! on Sep 29th 2020