Devonshire Manor murder mystery party game

Murder at Devonshire Manor mystery party

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    An entertaining clue-based murder mystery party for 7-12 guests ages 13 & up in an old mansion setting. Play as co-ed, all female or all male - the characters are gender flexible! There are two characters that you can expand into teams to grow your invite list! There are also two 8 player expansion packs to go along with this game to total 28 unique player roles.  This is the instant download version of the game - no wait, no shipping fees - everything you need is included in the download. You will be able to download instantly upon purchase.  For the boxed set, scroll down below 'helpful links' and click on the link to have us prepare your kit. 

    *Note: this game was revised on 3/29/19. If you have purchased the game within the last year, you may download the newest version from your account. Previous versions will not be seamless with the expansion pack. 

    Four out of ten for difficulty.

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    Click here for the free, printable invitation!
     Click here for the 8 player expansion pack #1
     Click here for the 8 player expansion pack #2 *packs must be played in order. This pack is only seamless with the new version of the game.
    Click here to view sample game materials.
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    Direct your guests to the corresponding invitation site at 'Your Mystery Party'

    Mystery Synopsis

    The Devonshire Manor is an 18th century mansion on the outskirts of the town of Pinehorn. It was once owned by the wealthy Devonshire family and is a legendary estate to the citizens of Pinehorn. In their day, the Devonshires were beloved, treated as royalty, as they owned more than half of the businesses in town. The Devonshire Manor has exquisite architectural features, albeit weathered throughout the years. Weeds and high grass have long since replaced the flowering shrubs and ornamental trees that adorned the property in its day. The remaining Devonshire lineage passed away in the early 1900’s, leaving their estate in the hands of the town of Pinehorn. The townspeople have neglected to keep up with the place, mostly due to the legend that the Devonshires still roam the corridors at night. The mayor of Pinehorn has made it her quest to remodel and reinstate the Devonshire Manor as a historical bed and breakfast. She believes that the old estate can generate tourism and an income for the town of Pinehorn. Most of the townspeople stand behind her, although a few people are adamantly against her pursuit – stating that the place is haunted and should be left alone. The mayor cleaned up the dusty cobwebs and is hosting a fundraiser bash for the townspeople of Pinehorn. She hopes to raise enough funds for her remodeling endeavors. You have been invited to attend the event and this is where your story begins…

    In addition to the fun downloadable mystery party, there are optional bonus games.


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  • Other Details

    Minimum age: 13 years
    # of players: 7-12 players
    Expansion packs: 8 players in #1, 8 players in #2
    Expandable?: Yes, can add up to 30 duplicates (police, reporter teams)
    Gender of players: Flexible (besides 1m, 1f in expansion pack)
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    1. Huge Success!

      I coordinated a fundraiser event at my church, along with two other church members, and the event was a huge success! It was a little crazy because there were 30 guests and 6 volunteers to help cook and clean up. With such a large group, I found the best way to communicate was with email. We did the pre-game activities and everyone came dressed up in costume. We were so worried it was going to be hard to keep everyone in character, get them to read the fine print on the clues, and get them to go from activity to another. Most of the church members are over 60 years of age. We held Round One outside in the beautiful Rose Garden and then we moved indoors to the Magnolia Ballroom (AKA Parish Hall) for a delicious dinner. The victim was found dressed in a hand-made victim shirt, lying down on a chalked outline paper, roped off with Do Not Cross tape. The group was so large that we quickly learned it was easier and more time efficient for guests to share their clues out loud to everyone. They wrote down their guess of whodunit and proceeded back into the Magnolia Ballroom for an array of desserts! After the murderer confessed, we handed out prizes for those with best costume, best in character, etc. The prizes were the Clue Game, Mary Drew mystery books, etc. Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time and some asked when we are going to have our next mystery dinner!?
      on Jun 18th 2019

    2. Fantastic

      This product is going to be a great hit with the kids and I didn't have do do a lot of work or spend crazy amounts of money! It's perfect! on Apr 15th 2019

    3. Devonshire Manor

      I hosted this for friends from church. Our group included adults and teens/preteens. I paired up my youngest players with the characters that allowed for extra characters. That worked perfectly! This was everyone's first time to do a murder mystery, so we were a little unsure of ourselves, but the character cards were clear on what to say.

      My only advice to future hosts would be to make it very clear at the beginning of the game, or murder round, that the victim must allow enough time before becoming the victim.

      I ordered the downloadable version and had a friend that was not coming to the party cut everything out and put it in envelopes that I provided. It did not take her long to do, and it was easy for her to understand.

      The folks at want you to have a successful party! I emailed them multiple times with questions, and they were ALWAYS quick to answer and very helpful.

      I also LOVED that I did not have to worry about questionable (adult) topics coming up during the party. Thank you for that! I will be a repeat customer for sure!

      on Oct 2nd 2018

    4. Perfect for Devonshire Cooperative

      Our university Cooperative house used this kit as a fundraiser and everyone had a fantastic time! The characters were amusing and the game kept everyone on their toes! Our house is actually called Devonshire, so this kit was perfect! on Jul 1st 2018

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