Anonville murder mystery party

Murder at Anonville Manor mystery party

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    A traditional old mansion murder mystery party game for 8-16 guests, ages 16 and up (due to difficulty). By using the expansion packs, you will have 32 unique players and the ability to expand to over 62 guests by using expandable teams of reporters. Not for novices - this game was created for those ready to sleuth an exciting murder mystery! This is the instant download upon purchase version of the game - no waiting, download instantly, and there's nothing to ship, so you avoid shipping fees!  Easy to host, easy to prepare.  For the party ready pack, click on the link below in the helpful links section.

    With your download, you'll have access to the host instruction file, solution file, printable file, and the optional expandable team file. The printable invitation can be accessed below, under helpful links. 

    This is an in-person, traditional formatted game. Looking for virtual games? Click here. 

    8 out of 10 murder mystery rating difficulty.

    Helpful Links:

    Click here to view the character list!

    Click here for the free, printable invitation!

    Click here to view the 8+ character expansion pack#1 

    Click here to view the 8 character expansion pack#2  (expansion packs must be played in order)

    Click here to view sample game materials.

    Click here  for the boxed set to have My Mystery Party staff prepare your game kit!

    Click here to check out the Murder Mystery Prop Emporium! 

    Direct your guests to the corresponding site at 'Your Mystery Party'

    (This game is unique and does not contain a forensic report.) 

    Mystery Synopsis

    The historical Anonville Manor closed for business years ago because of a desperate need for restoration and daft rumors of ghost hauntings. The previous owners abandoned the rundown property, never turning back.

    A secretive entrepreneur purchased the old bed & breakfast. The property has undergone renovations, and the owner announced to the media that the manor is free of paranormal activity, and has been restored to the pristine caliber of the good ole’ days when the estate was frequented by the rich and famous. The proprietor has chosen to remain anonymous, but the townsfolk have found that choice to be quite mysterious. An exclusive group of guests have received invitations to the grand opening dinner party to be held in the legendary Majestic Ballroom of the estate. You are on the guest list. You are intrigued, but apprehensive, as not everybody on the invite list gets along well, and sparks could fly. This is where your story begins.

    How to host a large party:

      • 16 unique players from the main game
      • 8 unique players from Expansion Pack #1 (purchased separately)
      • 8 unique players from Expansion Pack #2(purchased separately)
      • 15 duplicate expandable team of the CBC-TV News Crew with Tele N. Ewe from the main game
      • 15 duplicate expandable team of the RBC-TV News Crew with Pat Couric from Expansion pack #1 (purchased separately)

    This totals 62 players for the guest lists, including 32 unique character roles and 30 additional reporters that play in two teams. 

    Commercial Licenses 

    If you wish to host this (or any other) game for profit, you will need a commercial license or provide us with your 501C number for a charity fundraiser - click here. 

    For DIY party decor and food: 

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  • Other Details

    Minimum age: 16 years (difficulty)
    # of players: 8-16 players
    Expansion pack: 8 players, 8 players
    Expandable?: Over 60 with expanded teams (including expansion packs and expandable teams)
    Gender of players: Co-ed
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    1. Mysteriously Fun

      The game was great, no one guessed who the murderer was, everyone had a great time.
      Thank you for making the games easy to follow & the flow was continuous. The side games were good as well to give breaks while dinner & dessert was being served.
      on Oct 28th 2018

    2. Great party!

      Played this game with a group of 14. People really enjoyed getting into character. Only two of the guests correctly guessed the murderer, so I stand by this being a fairly difficult game. We loved it! Definitely would recommend to others. on Oct 28th 2018

    3. Really fun

      Overall it was a really great time! We had a mixture of 21 people ages 13-90, and it worked. on Jun 10th 2018


      So this was our very first Murder Mystery Dinner Party.... it was a great success! Everyone had a great time, characters were really fun and costumes we're very cool. Story seemed good , everyone left saying " when's the next one" Totally recommend! on Mar 5th 2018

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