Misadventure in Topsy-Turvy Land mystery party

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Get ready to have a blast in Topsy-Turvy Land sleuthing the Case of the Pilfered Pocket Watch! This game is a fun non-murder kid's mystery party game for 6-12 players ages 10 and up. A 10+ character expansion pack is available and the game expands to over 30 players!

This is the boxed set (party pack) version of the game. Select the party ready option above, and our staff will fold and slip the clue cards for rounds one, two, and three into the envelopes to prevent you from seeing spoilers on the round cards.  If you do not select this option, you will have some assembly required with your kit.

2 out of 10 difficulty.

There are four sizes of this game.

  • 6-12 players (all unique roles)
  • 6-22 players (all unique roles)
  • 6-35 players (22 unique roles and 13 duplicate team players of the Card Army)
  • 6-50 players (22 unique roles and 14 duplicate team players of the Card Army, and 14 duplicate team players of the Duck Family)
Helpful Links:
Click here to view the character list!
Click here for the free, printable invitation for the 6-12 player game!
Click here to view the 10+ character expansion pack character list  and click here for the invitation for the 6-22 player game
Click here to view sample game materials.
Click here for the instant download version of this game. 

Mystery Party Game Synopsis

Topsy Turvy Land has turned dreadful. The Scarlet Queen has thieved the crown from the benevolent Silver Queen – the peaceful ruler of the land for the past 101 years. Scarlet Queen is an uncaring dictator who lives under the protection of her beastly ally – the Greasy Goon! 

Allie, a loyal friend of the Silver Queen, has hatched an ingenious plan to dethrone the evil ruler. The Flying Monkeys are the unwilling guardians of the crown and only protect the crown to avoid the queen’s wrath. They are locked in the highest palace tower, and their wings can only take flight at exactly 3:14 PM.  Therefore, to keep them prisoners in the palace, the queen has banned clocks in the palace.

White Bunny follows a rigid schedule around the daily criminal trials in the Palace Garden and is the only one on the palace grounds allowed to keep a timepiece.  When White Bunny returned home after the last trial, there was a ransom note and curiously-coded message on the dinner table! A thief has stolen the White Bunny’s pocket watch!  This bunny is in big trouble and needs help from friends!

The Crazy Cap Maker has scheduled an afternoon tea party. White Bunny will present the ransom note and curiously-coded message to the guests. Hopefully, they will be able to help White Bunny find the watch and get to the next trial in the Palace Garden on time. If not, the Scarlet Queen will have the bunny’s head!  You’ve been invited to the tea party. This is where your story begins.  

In addition to the wondrous mystery party game, you will receive fun bonus games from The Official Party Host Handbook!
Minimum age:
10 years
# of players:
6-12 players
Expansion pack:
10 players
Expands to over 50 players with teams (including expansion pack)
Gender of players:
Co-ed or All female (minus one male - Scarlet King)