Bloodwood Masquerade Murder

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A masquerade ball murder mystery party game for 8-18+ guests, ages 14 and up due to difficulty. 

Spoil yourself, and choose the spoiler-free option above, and our staff will fold and slip your clue cards for rounds one, two, and three into the envelopes to prevent you from seeing spoilers on the round cards. Without the spoiler-free option selected, you will have some assembly required with your kit and there will be spoilers upon opening the kit and viewing the rounds 2 and 3 clue cards. 

The download version is a different product and does not come with the party pack, as they are not seamless and materials should not be used together. 

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Helpful Links:

 Sample game materials

 Instant downloadable version - no shipping, no waiting

Kit A: 18 unique roles

 Host character list for Kit A

 Free, 18 player printable invitation

 Corresponding pre-game site for Kit A

Kit B: 24 unique roles

 Host character list for Kit B

 Free, 24 player printable invitation

 Corresponding pre-game site for Kit B

Kit C: 32 unique roles

 Host character list for Kit C

 Free, 32 player printable invitation

 Corresponding pre-game site for Kit C

Note: the 32 player kit is the first half of expansion pack #2. With the optional pre-game round, some pre-game tasks will be directed at players #33 -#40. The host is to write N/A in the contact blanks for any optional player not in the game (or you can put your information), but there is still information to be gained from viewing the tasks, nevertheless. 

Kit D-J: 40 unique roles plus expandable teams up to 155 players

 Host character list for Kit D-J

 Free, 40+ player printable invitation

 Corresponding pre-game site for Kit D-J


Mystery Synopsis:

Bloodworth Falls is an isolated town plagued with scandals. The townsfolk bicker in the streets, and many believe the local government is corrupt. Nevertheless, the mayor is hosting a mysterious masquerade ball in the old Bloodwood Castle. The tickets to the event have sold out in record time. The townspeople are curious to discover why the mayor would put effort into doing something positive in this hopeless town of gloom. Anticipation for the event hangs thickly in the air, and many are already hunting for the perfect mask.
You are worried about what will happen when toxic people come together this night. You are alarmed, as you didn't purchase your ticket - somebody placed it in your mailbox in an unmarked envelope. Somebody wants you there, but you're unsure why. This is where your story begins.

How to Host a Larger Party:

  • A: 8-18 players is the main game
  • B: 8-24 players is the main game and expansion pack#1
  • C: 8-32 players is the main game, expansion pack #1 and the first 8 on expansion pack #2
  • D: 8-40 players is the main game, expansion packs 1-2
  • E-J: 8-40 unique players and duplicate players of various sizes - see below.

The duplicate team players will be a combination of the following:

  • Up to 15+ duplicate Magician's Assistants led by Lou Violet, Expansion Pack #1.
  • Up to 15+ duplicate Makeup Artists led by Izzy Maroon, Expansion Pack #1.
  • Up to 15+ duplicate Production Assistants led by Cass Chocolate, Expansion Pack #1.
  • Up to 15+ duplicate Entourage Members led by Bruno Ivory, Expansion Pack #1.
  • Up to 15+ duplicate Mobsters led by Maria Lime, Expansion Pack #1.
  • Up to 15+ duplicate John/Jane Doe characters, Expansion Pack #1.

This game accommodates 40 unique players by using both expansion packs and an additional yet optional ability to expand to over ~130 guests by using teams (duplicate players) with expansion pack #1. View the character list of expansion pack #1 for further details. The game may be expanded further by adding more members onto teams, but not more than 250. 

Commercial Licensing:

If you wish to host this (or any other) game for profit &/or in public &/or as a benefit to your business or organization, you will need a commercial license - click here.

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Minimum age:
14 years
Difficulty rating:
6/10 - moderate challenge level
Gender of players:
Minimum # of players:
8 players
Kit sizes:
10 different kit sizes, ranging up to a total of 155 players.
Expandable teams?:
Yes, kits E (10), F (25), G (50), H (75), I (100), J (115) have expandable team players
Date of publication:
May 1st, 2014. Last rev: 9/12/23
Unique content:
Expanded bios & player costumes on pre-game site.
Game license:
Single, private use. For the game license Terms and Conditions, see below.


  • 5
    I'm a junkie for these games

    Posted by Haley on Nov 9th 2016

    The boxed kit was the way to go. I've done many b4 and never splurged but glad I did this time. Well organized and thought out.