Last Will of Hunter Bentley

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Not for novices - this is a challenging, interactive murder mystery game for 6-16 gender flexible players, ages 15 and up for difficulty. Players can start investigating before the party with the websites - there are a lot of materials to investigate, so this game is not for beginning sleuths or hosts who want a casual game. This game is unique, as you can make up to 16 players required to the game if you wish. There are four expansion packs available (all purchased separately) to equal 56 unique players. With the game and all expansion packs, the game is expandable to over 300 players with expandable teams that come with the expansion pack #1 purchase. This is the instant download version of the game. No shipping fees, no waiting, and you can download upon purchase - print & play! You'll have everything you need to play the game at the click of a button once you purchase the game. For the boxed kit (party pack), see below under 'Helpful Links.' 

Unlike our other mystery games, this one does not have a victim in the cast of players - the victim is disclosed upfront (Hunter Bentley). This game will cover the optional players seamlessly, so they will never know they were optional to the game.

This game has required video content. There are two required videos to play during the game and one that's available on the pregame guest site. Players should consider everything evidence, so your guests can start sleuthing before the party ever begins! No way to play videos for the guests? No worries, we'll give you backup script/transcript files for the required videos. However, you can download the videos before the game - so no Wi-Fi is needed to host the game. You will have multiple items to download with this main game purchase: host instruction file, printable file, solution file, backup transcripts, an optional alternate endings file, and a free invitation that is optional (also available below under 'Helpful Links'). 

Your players will have a website for sleuthing for more clues (, and our free pregame website at Your Mystery Party ( includes expanded character bios, the game trailer video, personal costume suggestions for each character role, and more. In addition, the players can read about their character, as well as study up on others that will be at the party, if they desire. 

8 out of 10 murder mystery rating difficulty.   THERE IS A LOT OF INFORMATION TO REVIEW IN THIS CASE, GIVEN THE 8/10 DIFFICULTY LEVEL.

  Click here to review the details regarding the challenge level.  

Game release date: October 2, 2022  


Two days ago, Hunter Bentley's body was discovered face down in the front courtyard of his estate. Given the chaotic scene, the coroner's first impression was that a series of unfortunate accidents had caused Hunter's death. Since the dearly departed was the CEO of Hemloxx, Incorporated, thousands of livelihoods were on the line. Within the hour, Hunter's sibling became his replacement. Unfortunately, many relatives have now flocked to the sprawling mansion, staking unfounded claims on his possessions. Unsurprisingly, those squatting inside the property within the affluent neighborhood of Rumson Waterloo Estates have started feuding. This morning, Hunter Bentley's death was declared a homicide, sending worldwide shockwaves. Hunter's attorney must make short-term decisions for his possessions, obligations, estate management, and anything else that needs attention before the probate attorneys settle the estate. All family members received a notice of a mandatory meeting at Hunter's estate. The local news anchor requested that anyone who believes they might be mentioned in Hunter's last will attend this meeting. You found that to be peculiar, but you think there is a chance the Last Will could include you. You plan to attend. This is where your story begins.

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Your game will include:  

  1. Host Instruction File (no spoilers in this file) with instructions to read to your players (or you can play an optional video instead), menu suggestions, and optional bonus games (free add-on)
  2. Video #1 to start the game (available for download or stream from Vimeo, or stream from YouTube or stream from a password-protected link at
  3. Video #2 to (Starts Round Two - available the same avenues as video #1)
  4. An optional pre-game site
  5. An optional site to sleuth prior to the game:
  6. Backup transcripts of the required videos 
  7. Solution file with a detailed analysis of how the murderer is guilty (and why others are not) and where the clues are found within the game. 
  8. Alternate endings for the main game players - this is a fun way to end the game but optional.
  9. Bonus 'Easter eggs' within the game materials for super sleuths.  How detailed are your players? These are entirely optional and revealed in the solution file.
  10. Optional host character list to reduce the required players to only 6-9 players.
  11. Printable file that includes: 
  • Name tags 
  • Pre-game task cards for each character
  • Round one clue cards for each character
  • Round one case file materials
  • Round two case file materials
  • Round two additional clues for each character
  • Round three solution cards for each character
  • Investigation sheets for each player

 Hosting the game for up to 300+ players - for more options/combinations, see the expansion pack #1 page:

  • 16 players from the main game. 
  • 8 players from expansion pack #1 (purchased separately, and expansion packs must be played in order)
  • 8 players from expansion pack #2 (purchased separately)
  • 8 players from expansion pack #3 (purchased separately)
  • 16 players from expansion pack 4 (purchased separately)
  • *Up to 150+ expandable team players with the expansion pack #1 purchase (purchased separately - see the expansion pack #1 page for more details)

56 unique players with the purchase of all expansion packs. You can expand the game to over 300+ with the expandable teams that come with the expansion pack #1 purchase.

*The expandable teams are duplicate players, and not suspects, but they have the same type of materials as the rest of the players. For more on optional players, including an explanation of expandable teams, click here.

If you wish to host this (or any other) game for profit, you will need a commercial license or provide us with your 501C number for a charity fundraiser - click here.   

Minimum age of player:
15 years for difficulty. NOT FOR NOVICES. There is a lot of information to review in this case, this should not be played by new players.
Number of players:
16 in the main game. May play with 6 required or all 16 as required.
Gender of characters:
All are flexible
Expansion pack(s):
Expansion packs #1, #2, #3, #4 (purchased separately) and total 56 unique players including the main game.
Yes, with the expansion pack #1 purchase, this game may be expanded to cover ~ 175 players
Difficulty rating:
8/10 difficulty - not for novices.


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    Absolute Blast

    Posted by Josh on Dec 28th 2022

    First, was blown away by the friendly, responsive, and genuinely thoughtful customer service. Nancy helped me pick the perfect game for my party based on my customized event. We ultimately decided to move forward with The Last Will of Hunter Bentley. The materials that were available to hype the party really brought an elevated vibe to the event. Information drops helped the guests familiarize themselves with the storyline and the characters--including their own. The event itself was a great night! The host guide makes the party simple to host, but it comes with plenty of flexibility for additional customization. Our guests brought their A games with costumes and really got into the game flow. The pre-recorded videos helped set the tone for the event. The mystery was difficult to solve, especially for a group our size---but we still had a few that were able to crack the code. My only reservation on this game was the amount of information available. The hide/share information for each character contained a trove of information. Beyond that there were 2 drops for case files that were full of INTENSE detail! A few of our guests spent more time analyzing the case files than mingling. All in all, this is an incredibly written and thought out game. This company is a leader in their industry, and we will 100% be returning customers soon!!