Holly O. Wene's Halloween mystery party

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A fun scavenger hunt style kid's Halloween mystery party with 5 fun Halloween Mysteries to solve for 10 players (7F, 3M)! There are free bonus party games included! For ages 6 to ten years! Host this fun Halloween mystery party for your child's next Halloween party so they - along with their friends - can have a chance to solve Polly Pumpkin's five mysteries and win the rights to the most fabulous pumpkin patch in the world! This game was written for a home setting. 

Select the party ready option above, and our staff will fold and slip the clue cards for rounds one, two, and three into the envelopes to prevent you from seeing spoilers on the round cards.  If you do not select this option, you will have some assembly required with your kit. 

2 out of 10 difficulty.

Helpful Links:
 Click here to view the character list (note: this differs slightly from the download version).
 Click here for the free, printable invitation!
Click here to view sample game materials.
Click here for the 4 character expansion pack list -  add 4 more mysteries to your party!
Click here for the instant download version.
Direct your guests to the corresponding invitation site at 'Your Mystery Party'
Mystery Party Game Synopsis

Holly O. Wene is famous for her exciting Halloween celebrations.  Year after year people flock to their mailboxes during the month of October in hopes of finding an invitation to her bash.  Halloween’s around the corner and the who’s who of Pumpkin Town will be soon be arriving to Holly’s mansion wearing the most creative Halloween attire, and ready to play fun Halloween party games, and dine on delicious spooky snacks.  The town’s pumpkin patch owner, Mrs. Polly Pumpkin, plans to make a special announcement this year at Holly’s bash. The town gossips are dying to find out what Mrs. Pumpkin has to say!

Polly Pumpkin’s Pumpkin Patch is the preeminent spot to pick out your Halloween pumpkin in the entire world.  Rumor has it that Mrs. Pumpkin plans to retire and is seeking an heir to carry on the family business.  Sources closest to Mrs. Pumpkin say there may be challenging mysteries to tackle and scavenger hunts to endure before she selects a grand prize winner. A lot is at stake and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

You’ve received your invitation to Holly’s party.  This is where your story begins. 

How to Assign Players

For example, there are 10 character roles on the character list available with the main game. Assign all 10 players to these roles first. The game can be hosted with up to 10 players playing unique character roles, solving 5 mysteries. The players can solve the mysteries as individuals, or as one big team (suggested for younger groups). If you add the 4 character expansion pack, you are adding 4 unique players and 4 more mysteries to solve in the game. The game can be played with 14 players solving 9 mysteries.

For large parties: to add players, add up to 9 additional players on each of the first 5 required character roles, totaling 50 players, 5 teams of 10 guests. For large parties, it is not necessary to play the 5 optional players on the main game unless you want to.

Instruct the 5 teams to play as a team with an elected leader during the game. During the game, they will work together to solve the mysteries and the teams will compete to solve the mysteries first. For more than 5 mysteries to solve, purchase the 4 character expansion pack. To further your guest list beyond 50 players, the game can be expanded even further by assigning an additional 40 players to the expansion pack in four teams. This would make 90 players in the party with 9 mysteries to solve.

This Halloween mystery party includes free bonus side games and two scavenger hunts incorporated into the mystery (home setting)!


Minimum age:
6 to 10 years
# of players:
6-10 players
Expansion pack:
4 players
Expands to over 50 players with expandable teams
Gender of players:
All female (required players) or Co-ed