Chamber of Screams haunted house mystery party game

Haunted house murder mystery game

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    An exciting Halloween Murder Mystery in a Haunted House setting for 8-16+ guests, ages 15+ (for challenge level).There are 4 expandable characters that can be played as teams (i.e. alien, clown, grim reaper and zombie - see the character list below). This is great for shy or reserved players, players who want to work on a team, or players that RSVP at the last minute. This game expands to 75+ players with teams.  There is also a 5 player expansion pack with 5 unique players and one being expandable into a team.  This can boost your guest list to ~ 100 players! This game can be played as Co-Ed, all Female, or (almost all) male with one required female player. This is the instant download upon purchase version of the game - no waiting, download instantly, and there's nothing to ship, so you avoid shipping fees!  Easy to host, easy to prepare. 

    This game was last revised on 9/7/21

    Five out of ten for difficulty.

    Helpful Links:

     Click here to view the character list!
     Click here for the free, printable invitation!
    Click here to view sample game materials.
    Click here to view the expandable 5 character expansion pack.
    Click here to have My Mystery Party staff prepare your game kit!
    Direct your guests to the corresponding invitation site at 'Your Mystery Party'

    Murder Mystery Spooky Synopsis

    The cast members of the Chamber of Screams Haunted House worked really hard this Halloween season scaring the people of the town. The management of the Chamber of Screams has decided to reward the employees with a mini-Halloween celebration held during normal business hours in the employee break room. As you are well aware, the Chamber of Screams Haunted House typically shuts down each night for a brief time period so the employees can get a break and straighten up the haunted scenes. You heard a rumor when you first started working there that the management probably does this so the line of customers outside will build up and The Chamber of Screams will look twice as busy and much more popular. Regardless of the reason for this break, you definitely look forward to the upcoming treat during your next shift at work. This is where your story begins.

    If you are not hosting this as a private event, you might need a commercial license.

    How to host a large party with the Chamber of Screams Murder Mystery Game: 

      • 16 Main game players (16 unique)
      • 5 Expansion pack# 1 players (purchased separately)
      • Up to 15 (or more) expandable team of duplicate Alien Invaders playing with Nani Noonunfa as their team leader.
      • Up to 15 (or more) expandable team of duplicate Fun House Clowns playing with Money Milenko as their team leader.
      • Up to 15 (or more) expandable team of duplicate Grim Reapers playing with Bing Black as their team leader.
      • Up to 15 (or more) expandable team of duplicate Zombies playing with Zed Zeff as their team leader.
      • Up to 15 (or more) expandable team of duplicate Demons playing with Bell Z. Bubby as their team leader (Expansion pack #1 player, purchased separately)


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  • Other Details

    Minimum age: 15 years
    # of players: 8-16 players
    Expansion pack: 4 players
    Expandable: Expands to over 60 players with teams
    Gender of players: Flexible but 1 required female player
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    1. Blast

      We had a blast!!! on Oct 27th 2021

    2. Perfect scenario for Halloween

      The game was great and everyone was happy to be in character, even without knowing what to expect. Quite easy to set up too.
      It was great and everyone discussed the clues and was very into it to understand the story together and to get all the clues to uncover the mystery.

      Only downside, some people I believe felt like there was a bit too much reading at the start of each round, which slowed down the dynamic a little bit.
      on Nov 12th 2019

    3. Amazing Halloween party

      We had a blast playing this murder mystery for our Halloween party this year! Everyone got really into the costumes it was amazing! on Oct 29th 2017

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