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Grillin' Chillin' and Killin' mystery party game

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    A fun summer fun block party murder mystery party game for ages 14+ for difficulty, 14 players, gender flexible - play as all-female, all-male or co-ed. There are multiple sized kits for this game.  Spoil yourself, and choose the party ready option above, and our dedicated staff will fold and slip your clue cards for rounds one, two, and three into the envelopes to prevent you from seeing spoilers on the round cards.  Without this option selected, you will have some assembly required with your kit.

    Five out of ten difficulty.

    • 8-14 player game
    • 8-20 player game (adds expansion pack #1)
    • 8-26 player game (adds both expansion packs)
    • 8-26 unique player roles and 10 duplicate members of the RBC News Crew to play as a team with Tele Ewe. (36 total players)
    Helpful Links:
    Click here to view the character list!
    Click here for the free, printable invitation!
    Click here to view sample game materials.
    Click here for the 6 character, gender flexible expansion pack #1 (use first).
    Click here for the 6 character, gender flexible expansion pack #2 (use in addition to expansion #1).
    Click here for the instant download version of the game.
    Direct your guests to the corresponding invitation site at 'Your Mystery Party'

     Murder Mystery Synopsis:

    The neighbors of Sunny Lane are an eclectic group of people.  Most of them get along fabulously, but others have unfortunately plunged their wicked hooks into others, causing mayhem, despair, and serious misunderstandings.  Nonetheless, the neighborhood Home Owner’s Association has decided to move forward with the annual block party in hopes that it will bring those engaging in combat to a truce - and the neighborhood will live happily ever after in harmony.

    This year, the block party will be held at Kris Angels’ home.  Kris is a professional magician that strongly upholds the Magician’s Oath and Code of Ethics. Kris doesn’t typically invite guests over for fear that magical secrets may become widespread knowledge.  Rumor has it that Kris has rented a storage facility to hide certain gadgets, contraptions, and props from the guests.

    You have received your invitation and cannot wait to soak up some sun, play backyard party games, and enjoy some delicious grilled food with your neighbors.  This is where your story begins.

    In addition to the sunshiney backyard themed murder mystery game, there are optional bonus games!
    If you wish to host this (or any other) game for profit, you will need a commercial license or provide us with your 501C number for a charity fundraiser - click here. 
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  • Other Details

    Minimum age: 14 years
    # of players: 8-14 years
    Expansion packs: 6 players, and 6 players
    Expandable?: Yes, you can add up to 15 players of the RBC News Crew with Tele Ewe. These are duplicated roles.
    Gender of players: Flexible
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    1. Summer party

      The information arrive promptly and was all complete. The game is well set up and there are plenty of instructions and tips to make it easy to play.

      Fun for all.
      on Jun 15th 2019

    2. Party was a hit!

      Product provided everything required and then some. on Sep 28th 2017

    3. Fabulous Fun

      Impressed with items. on Jul 28th 2017

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