From GED to PhD - the Autobiography of Dr. Bon Blossman

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The autobiography of the author of My Mystery Party - Dr. Bon Blossman.


  Dr. Bon Blossman was an average American child from an affluent family in Westover Hills, Texas. As she entered high school, Bon’s experimentation with cigarettes, drugs and alcohol morphed her from an honor student to a class clown, void of ambition. At the end of ninth grade, she relocated to a town that didn't welcome her. Bon's lifelong struggles with a dangerous eating disorder commenced when long time friendships were lost and high school bullies made her life a living hell. After living in a German village for a year, Bon dropped out of high school as a pregnant teenager. She was married at seventeen years old, but before her twentieth birthday, she was divorced. As a single parent, Dr. Bon Blossman turned around her academic failures and entered the arduous journey of what ended up being ten years of higher education. With multiple honors along the way, she eventually earned a Bachelor of Science in pre-medicine, a Master's degree in Microbiology and a PhD in physiology with a 4.0 GPA where her dissertation research was noted as a landmark project in metabolic allometry. Dr. Bon completed a two-year post-doctoral fellowship researching developmental cardiovascular physiology. She currently serves as an ad hoc reviewer for the National Science Foundation and the Royal Integrative Society. Dr. Blossman is an adjunct professor at The University of North Texas and has eighteen years of college teaching experience. Dr. Bon’s primary focus is her writing career. She is an accomplished author of seven novels with many more to come. She is the CEO and founder of the #1 murder mystery game company,, as well as where she released The Official Party Host Handbook. Dr. Bon has created a claymation for a Mountain Dew commercial, is a published recording artist with Party of 2, plays bass guitar for an alternative rock band with her family, has starred on a reality television series, ending with a spin off show of her family.