Frequently Asked Shipping Questions

Question: How long until I get my package?

 For a party ready pack - these are custom prepared for you upon purchase - we have way too many options to keep stock. Typically, it will take 2-3 business days for our staff to meticulously prepare your kit for the big day. *But, we may get it out sooner - sometimes, the same business day!

With a prop only order, it's likely to ship the same or following business day. After this time, we will ship your package from Austin, Texas according to the shipping method you have chosen during purchase. We ship all over the globe on a daily basis! If you have a doubt your package will make it on time, please let us know your party date in the shopping cart comments section. This way, we know if your ship method is appropriate and the kit will get to you on time! If it isn't we will contact you with your options.

Here is a handy UPS calculator. We are in Austin, Texas 78738 - enter us as the shipper and then put in your information as the recipient to see what the ship time will be for the various UPS options - and don't forget to add on the 2-3 business days of prep time for us to prepare your kit. Click here for the UPS Shipping Calculator

 Question: How much is shipping?

 As far as shipping costs - it depends upon your address & the shipping method you select. The shipping is calculated by the UPS on our shopping cart on page #1. After you enter your shipping address, you can select the various UPS options to determine pricing. No worries - you can back out and get the download if the UPS prices are too high. We have a more economical option for international purchases if you are not in a hurry: USPS International. This takes up to 10-12 business days, but it is a cheaper alternative. They don't give a guarantee - only an 'estimated date of arrival.' It is the United States Postal Service and once it gets to your country, it turns over to your local post - for example - with the UK, it turns into Royal Mail. Depending upon where you live, there may be associated customs fees. If you've ordered from the U.S. before - this purchase will be no different. We cannot predict what your region of the world will require - so check with your local post / local UPS (whichever method you choose to ship with) to determine if they will require additional customs fees for a package. Refusing to accept a delivery because of customs fees will result in you being charged for the original shipping fees you paid and the return shipping fees the UPS will charge us to return the package to our store. Please note: this may even exceed the price of the merchandise. 

Question: Are there additional custom's fees once the package arrives in my country? 

 If you are in the United States. No, there are no associated customs fees.  If you are outside of the U.S., there might be customs fees - so check with your local UPS to determine what the customs process is, and how much the fees are. You are not charged for your customs fees with us, you are only charged the shipping fees by the UPS in our shopping cart. We are no different from other online merchants.  Most areas in Canada will assess customs fees, but not all. We have no way of knowing how much and what their process is in every region of every country, so contact your local UPS if you are outside of the U.S. prior to purchase if this will be an issue for you.  Again, refusing to accept a package will result in you being charged your original shipping fees and the cost of returning the package to our store in the United States. 


Question: Can I ship to a P.O. Box? 

No. Since we only utilize USPS for international orders and choose UPS as our carrier (in our opinion, they are the most reliable) - we cannot ship to a P.O. Box. When you signed up for your P.O. Box, you were certainly told that UPS doesn't deliver to the box.  Also, since you've never received a UPS package in your P.O. Box, we are no different.  If you input a P.O. box as your shipping address and choose a UPS shipping method - the package will not get to you. We are integrated with the UPS on our shopping cart and exactly what you put as your shipping address is where the package will be sent. Be very careful, as with all purchases online, to put the correct address in during the purchase.  If you catch your error and the package hasn't shipped from our store - we can make a modification for you and fix the error before it ships.  

We will not issue refunds for purchases made with incorrect &/or shipping addresses as P.O. boxes.  Once the package ships with an incorrectly addressed shipping address, it will be your responsibility to contact the UPS with your tracking number to arrange for delivery to the correct shipping address. We suggest you do this soon as possible and be diligent to follow up to ensure it arrives safely.

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