Fiona Frost: Shillingstone Witch by Dr. Bon Blossman (Vol 4)

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This is the fourth award-winning volume in the exciting Young Adult murder mystery series - Fiona Frost by Dr. Bon Blossman - the author of not only over 100 successful murder mystery parties, but a thrilling murder mystery novel series!
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Fiona has no clue her bright summer vacation is about to darken. Children are disappearing from the small town of Shillingstone, and the townspeople blame a legendary nineteenth-century witch. Her world changes as she becomes the target of a depraved entity and finds herself drawn deep inside of a corrupt investigation involving supernatural beliefs she never knew existed.


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on September 30, 2015
  Fiona Frost is looking forward to enjoying her last summer before college when she will begin her studies in forensic science. But her summer plans are derailed when four children go missing in the town of Shillingstone where it appears the locals believe a witch is to blame. Fiona is invited to participate with a team of students in a paranormal studies program to investigate the mysterious activity. But she initially resists, refusing to buy into the notion of paranormal activity.

  Dr. Bon Blossman's Shillingstone Witch, the fourth book in the Fiona Frost Series, is an absorbing book which will appeal to young readers. The concept of students who have been empowered to take action make this a highly relatable read for adolescents. Blossman's ability to breathe life into her characters, making them seem nearly tangible, is a big part of what makes this book an enjoyable read. Comfortably read as a stand-alone, Shillingstone Witch is recommended for young mystery buffs and for youngsters who are fascinated with the subject of paranormal activity.
Gold Award for Shillingstone Witch


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Juvenile Fiction - Murder Mystery | Thriller


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    Posted by Sam on Jul 13th 2016

    Huge Fiona fan - I follow on Twitter. I loved this one so much and now I'm on to the 5th. Thanks for writing these, please never stop!