Fiona Frost: Blood Dolls by Dr. Bon Blossman (Vol 5)

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 In the fifth adrenaline-charged award-winning volume of the Fiona Frost series, Fiona’s plans of an internship at the FBI Academy abruptly change, and she is thrown into an exhilarating investigation of The Blood Doll Killer. Fiona finds herself facing challenging obstacles such as an internal struggle with her beliefs in the supernatural, strife with her archenemy, underground vigilantes terrorizing society, and the urgent need to capture one of the most devastating serial killers in history. This murder mystery is stacked with surprising twists and calculated revenge as it tests the limits of white-knuckle drama.

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Reviewed By Tracy Slowiak for Readers' Favorite on July 4, 2016

In a creepy and fast paced new read by author Dr. Bon Blossman, Blood Dolls, the fifth installment in the Fiona Frost mystery series, readers will be treated to an excellent entry in the genre of mysteries for young adults. Following protagonist Fiona Frost as she puts her internship at the FBI academy on hold in order to investigate The Blood Doll Killer, this book is a real roller coaster from start to finish. Fiona and her friends from the Academy are thrown into the world of the supernatural during their exploits, and all that Fiona thought she knew and believed will be challenged with this case. What started as a summer internship in preparation for college has turned into much more. Will Fiona and her friends make it to the fall, or will they become the next victims of the killer they are chasing? You'll need to read this great book to find out!

I so enjoyed Blood Dolls. Author Dr. Bon Blossman has done a spectacular job in the continuing story of the highly engaging character of Fiona Frost. This book kept me on the edge of my seat from the start all the way through the very last page. Any reader who loves an inventive and surprising mystery, not just young adults, will enjoy this book. I am so pleased to highly recommend this book, and I certainly look forward to reading more from the extremely talented author, Dr. Bon Blossman, as soon as I possibly can!

By Literary Classics Book Reviews on June 20, 2016
Fiona Frost will be going to college in the fall. The summer following high school graduation she has procured an internship at the FBI training academy. While attending the academy she and a group of friends are met with resistance when a serial murder case arises and their age is called into question when they try to step in to help solve the crime. Proving themselves capable will not be easy. But everyone needs to work together to solve the mass murder plot which must be stopped. Our young protagonists experience the usual teenage jealousies and dramas, but they are driven to overcome their youthful tendencies to outwit the serial killer before he takes his next victim.

Author Bon Blossman's Blood Dolls is full of twists and adrenaline-pumping excitement. This is a "stay up all night to finish" read. Teens will love this book which encompasses computer technology, the occult, and medical science along with drama and age-appropriate romance. Recommended for home and school libraries.
 Judge, 24th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

 Excellent unspooling of intrigue here, written in a smooth and natural cadence so welcome to the reader. We’re grabbed at the start with the mother’s reaction to the Bleak Society’s transmission, and since we are a tech-wired society, the hacker-based plotting grabs us well. Nice job. The author has taken the complex ‘wiring’ of the tech-based storyline and allowed even the least tech-minded to understand. Author shows an excellent talent for dialogue, and we get some very real speech patterns and humor, such as ‘Batman cash.’ Very vivid description there and in many other instances. We get a lot of sensory details like the soft snaps of slippers that make this a very real world and a very realistic experience. The Blood Doll Killer is a unique threat, again pleasing to the reader for its departure from the usual killer profiles. The author has put a lot of work and knowledge into the FBI-worthy investigation and pursuit portions, and the underground vigilantes also pull at our attention level, being such a reflection of the kinds of hate groups we see in our media every day. Well done. Author writes bad guys with particular talent. The end, with the doll named Sarah, is especially chilling and an emotionally-wrought last note of a terrific story. Well done.

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Juvenile Fiction - Murder Mystery / Thriller


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    First I've read in the series and can't imagine they could get better

    Posted by S.P. on Jul 17th 2016

    I love YA books! This one was a page turner! I hadn't read the rest of the series, I started with this one, but to me - it didn't matter - I wasn't lost or anything and jumped right in. I will definitely go back and start with #1. Keep writing these! I have to see what happens next with Fiona!