Find the Spy mystery party game for teens

Find the Spy: Ms. Crimson

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    Ages 12+ for difficulty - non-murder, in-person mystery party for 8-12 guests with an available 6 player expansion pack. First of it's kind! How about a fun night where your guests are 'locked in a room' and given exciting challenges of working as a team, intellectual strength, and physical agility - all competing for secret clues each round to the spy's identity. Your guests will have a blast with exciting rounds of sleuthing clues and challenges while they attempt to figure out who the spy is among them and why they were invited to this exclusive dinner party. Great challenge for any group - churches, schools, corporate events or a fun night with friends & family! This is the instant download version of the game - no waiting, no shipping fees - everything you need is in the download, so just print, prepare, and play! For the boxed version, see below under helpful links. 

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    Click here for the free, printable invitation!
     Click here for the 6 player expansion pack
    Click here to view sample game materials.
    Click here for the boxed version - have My Mystery Party staff prepare your game kit!
    Direct your guests to the corresponding pre-game site at 'Your Mystery Party'

    Please note: this game does not have a victim sign because it is a unique, non-murder mystery party game. Also, there are not bonus games, but rather, the host will be provided with 3 challenges each round (9 total) and you are required to host one per round. The remaining games can be played after the mystery is over. With some of the bonus game options, some regular household items or other props (i.e. balloons, Ping-Pong balls, etc.) may be required. However, the game can be played with what is included in the printed and prepared download.

    Mystery Synopsis

    Ms. Cornelia Crimson has stolen something from you that you hold very dear to your heart. If you do not already miss the item, she assures you – you will figure out what she has taken in due time. She would love to return your item, but she requests that you come to her castle on Dismal Lane and earn the right to have your special item returned. Don’t fret – you are not the only one. On this night of mystery, she will plant a saboteur among the invited guests and pose a series of unremitting challenges for you to conquer in order to receive clues about the planted spy. The one who correctly guesses the saboteur's identity will leave the castle as the heir/heiress of the Crimson estate – as well as have their item returned to them. The guests who guess incorrectly will never have their special item returned. Steep penalty, but you should do your best and try hard to earn it back. Ms. Crimson has invited you to attend this exclusive event. Will you take the challenge? Maybe you’ll change your mind once you figure out what is missing. This is where your story begins.
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    Minimum age: 12 years
    # of players: 8-12 years
    Expansion pack: 6 players
    Expandable?: No
    Gender of players: Flexible
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    1. Amazing

      Amazing game with lots of fun on Oct 1st 2020

    2. Great fun for our 15 year olds!

      We utilized this mystery for our daughters’ 15th birthday party with their friends. It worked out very well and everyone had a great time. We followed the menu as suggested. Timing listed was pretty close. They may have enjoyed trying more of the challenges. on Sep 4th 2018

    3. Find the Spy Ms. Crimson

      My children and their friends had a great time playing this game. I had three different age groups playing: ten, fourteen and sixteen. They were all able to enjoy it. The challenges after each round were a blast. It was fun for all. This is my third purchase from My Mystery Party. I highly recommend this website. My emailed questions were answered quickly and the games are so easy to run. Everything is spelled out perfectly. on Aug 28th 2016

    4. Sooooo fun

      Not like the other games at all - this was different. We love the traditional mystery parties, but this was a great change and the girls had such a fun time with the challenges and guessing the saboteur. Refreshing to see a different format - we love both types of parties! Please keep making more games! Love this company! on Aug 12th 2016