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Ages 14+ for difficulty - non-murder mystery party for 8-12 guests. First of it's kind - it's a unique experience! How about a fun night where your guests are 'locked in a room' and given exciting challenges of working as a team, intellectual strength, and physical agility - all competing for secret clues each round to the saboteur's identity. Your guests will have a blast with exciting rounds of sleuthing clues and challenges while they attempt to figure out who the spy is among them and why they were invited to this exclusive dinner party. Great challenge for any group - churches, schools, corporate events or a fun night with friends & family!

Select the party ready option above, and our staff will fold and slip the clue cards for rounds one, two, and three into the envelopes to prevent you from seeing spoilers on the round cards. If you do not select this option, you will have some assembly required with your kit.

This is a challenge-based mystery party - not as much of a roleplaying experience as the traditional mystery parties, but more focused on three rounds of challenges to find the mole among the group. Mingling with clues is secondary to the challenges.


Helpful Links:

 Sample game materials

 Instant downloadable version

Kit A:

 Host character list for Kit A

 Free, 12 player printable invitation

 Corresponding pre-game site for Kit A

Kit B:

 Host character list for Kit B

 Free, 18 player printable invitation

 Corresponding pre-game site for Kit B

Mystery Synopsis:

Dr. Percy Peabody has invited you to his mansion in Dead Hollow for a VIP dining experience. On this night of mystery, he will plant a saboteur among the dinner guests and pose a series of unremitting challenges the guests will have to conquer in order to receive clues about the spy among them. The one who correctly guesses the saboteur's identity will leave the mansion unscathed with a piece of the Peabody fortune.

The guests who guess incorrectly…well…let’s just say the stakes are high on this night. Dr. Peabody has invited you to attend this exclusive event. Will you take the challenge and risk everything for a life of luxury? This is where your story begins.

Note: this game does not have a victim sign because it is a unique, non-murder mystery party game. Also, there are not bonus games, but rather, the host will be provided with 3 challenges each round (9 total) and you are required to host one per round. The remaining games can be played after the mystery is over. With some of the bonus game options, some regular household items or other props (i.e. balloons, marshmallows) may be required. However, the game can be played with what is included in the printed and prepared download.

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Minimum age:
14 years due to difficulty
Difficulty rating:
Moderate, 6/10
Gender of character roles:
Minimum # of players:
8 players
Kit sizes:
2 different kit sizes, 8-12 players & 8-18 players.
Expandable teams?:
Date of publication:
June 2016
Unique content:
Bonus game content with printable activity instructions


  • 5
    Fast shipping, professional printing

    Posted by Shannon on Sep 20th 2017

    I decided to spend a little more for the pre- printed version, and I'm so glad that i did. Everything came in labeled envelopes and it looked extremely professional. The party isn't until next month, but I ordered it early thinking it would take a while to get here in the mail. Shipping was actually very fast, especially considering I was warned it could take extra time due to the hurricanes. Just from my experience so far, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • 5
    Lots of fun!

    Posted by Monica on Sep 25th 2016

    I ordered this pack for my 30th birthday party and all my friends had a blast!

  • 5
    Not quite traditional murder mystery, but TONS of fun

    Posted by Uma, Georgia on Jul 13th 2016

    Such an exciting and lively party - we had an exciting night wiht all the games and challenges. Finding out who the spy was was a blast. Would recommend this!