Corporate Chaos Expansion Pack #2

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This game theme has been retired and replaced with Chaos in the Cubicles. 


This is a 10 player expansion pack (add on) for the Corporate Chaos - Murder at the Worldwide Prestige Conference.  This is expansion pack #2. You are to play the expansion packs in order - so be sure to also purchase expansion pack #1. The characters are added to the growing list in order of occurrence. Therefore, by adding this pack, you will have the main game, expansion pack #1 (both purchased separately) and this pack's characters listed on both the invite and free pre-game website.

This pack is to be printed in addition to the main game and expansion pack #1.  

There are no refunds on expansion packs, so do not purchase this expansion pack unless you are certain you will have enough characters to require it.  You can play the optional characters from the main game and expansion packs in any combination - not all of the optional players must be played before moving on to the next expansion pack.  

Click here for the invite and click here for the character list