Chaos in the Cubicles | Expansion pack #1

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This is the instant download version of the Expansion pack #1 for the Chaos in the Cubicles mystery party game. Do not purchase this kit without purchasing the main game, as this is not a stand alone product. This pack includes 8 additional characters - all gender flexible.  Four of these characters are required to be added together and will, therefore, become required players in the game. You'll need to switch out the forensic report from the main game with the one included in this kit. 

If you do not need four or more players, you can use any of the other four characters that are optional.  See the host character list for more details. 

This document should be printed in addition to the original mystery game kit.

Use as many expansion pack characters as you need - in any combination with the optional players from the main game. Their materials look the same as the main game players so they'll never know they were an expanded character!

Note: it is best to play the expansion packs in order of occurrence, as the characters are added to the character list on both the free invite and guest pre-game site at Your Mystery Party. You don't have to use all of a group before adding some from the next - but try to use as many as possible, as they will be included on your character lists - invitation, official guest list, and pre-game site. Also, it's best to put more required roles with this game if you are playing with a large group, and this will turn your required 8 from the main game into a required 12 player game.  If you wanted only required players in your game (which is not necessary, as the players aren't told nor can really tell if they were required or not) - you can only use the required 8 from the main game and the required 4 from this pack.

Your new pre-game site is:

Click here for the character list and click here for the free invite



  • Never allow your guests to choose their characters from the free invite or guest pregame site. The host is to assign the character roles using the host character lists.    


  •  This expansion pack is not seamless with the party pack (boxed) version of the game. If you need more players for your boxed set, go to the party pack add-on option.