Catch a Killer: The Murder of Abigail Ross case file mystery game.

Catch a Killer: The Murder of Abigail Ross

Instantly downloadable upon purchase (PDF, Website Access, Videos)
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    The Catch a Killer case file mystery games are a one of a kind experience. Unlike our other mystery games, the Catch a Killer games are not role-playing and may be played solo or with a group. Instead, you step into the shoes of a famous criminal psychologist, Dr. Gold, and help solve whodunit by sleuthing a case file full of evidence such as interrogation videos, coroner's report, call logs, and more.  This will provide you with hours of entertainment (~3-5 hours).

    No annoying subscription required - solve the case in one setting. 

    This game is for ages 16 and up for difficulty, and may be played solo or with a group of any size. This game is not for novices - only choose this game if you're in for a challenge and serious sleuthing!  This is the instant download upon purchase. You'll have everything you need to play the game at click of a button once you purchase the game. No need to wait, no shipping fees. The boxed version of this game is now available - see the link below under 'helpful links.'

    Game content contains violence associated with the details of a murder, cult activities, and alcohol.

    There are 13 required videos to play during the game consisting of two videos from Detective Chapman and 11 witness interrogation videos. You can download the videos from your account upon purchase, stream from YouTube or Vimeo, or download from Vimeo.  The videos are able to be downloaded prior to the game - so no WiFi is needed to host the game.  There is a corresponding website at Your Mystery Party that goes along with the game, as well. 

    Game release date: November 2018

    8 out of 10 murder mystery rating difficulty.


    Click here for the boxed set!  Great as a gift! 
     Direct your guests to the corresponding pre-game invitation site at 'Your Mystery Party'   Playing solo?  Just check out the site before you play! 
     Click here for the free invitation.  Partying solo?  No need for this! ;-) Play on, playa!


    PLAY SOLO OR AS A GROUP: there is a lot of flexibility on how to play this game. You can play by yourself and solve the case in one night or spread out the fun and intrigue over time and work on the case at your leisure. You can take your time and spread out the fun over multiple nights – this is a challenging game. 

    Alternatively, you can host a party (or two or three) and solve the case as a group. There are two ways to play with a group: 

    1. Work together as an investigative team. Don’t move on with the case unless everyone agrees or at least debates the issues until you have an agreement (or you agree to disagree).
    2. Work together on the investigation but have each player (or smaller teams of players) submit an individual guess of whodunit. The materials will be available to the group equally, but each player (or team) will take notes and come to conclusions independently. They can discuss the case, but with a competitive edge. You can declare winners after the solution is presented. 


     Video files

    • Detective Chapman’s 48 hour video (round one)
    • 11 Witness Interrogation videos
    • Detective Chapman's 72 hour video (round two)

    Online materials

    •  A password-protected website at containing additional evidence and links to the videos at Your Mystery Party 

    Materials to print (or you could simply view the PDF)

    • Narrative Report Case 081068-AR.NPD (murder of Abigail Ross) by Detective Chapman
    • Victim’s Identification Form (Form V-100)
    • Coroner’s Report (autopsy)
    • List of witnesses (abbreviated)
    • Print out of GoFundMe page (Damian Lee)
    • Social media posts of interest (5)
    • Cellular telephone records (3)
    • A flyer of interest (1)
    • Traffic Accident Report (1)
    • Nevermore area map
    • Incident Reports (2)
    • Crime Lab Reports (3)
    • Witness Statement (1)
    • Special report (1)
    • Photocopies of receipts of potential interest (3)


    Have you ever wanted to be a famous criminal psychologist assisting a homicide detective to solve a nationally-publicized case? Here is your chance to step into the shoes of Dr. Gold and embark upon a wild and frenzied challenge where you will accept Detective Chapman’s request and delve into the sordid lives of eleven witnesses to see if they might be guilty of a heinous murder. Detective Philip Chapman has called upon you for help, as the murder of Abigail Ross is receiving international attention and is trending on all platforms of social media. It is the 48-hour mark after the murder, and you will now step into the role of Dr. Casey Gold – a top criminal psychologist who directs the BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit) of the FBI. Time is of the essence, and no stone should be left unturned. Can you solve the case before the murderer gets away?

  • Other Details

    Number of Players: Play alone or add as many players as you wish. It's unlimited.
    Minimum Age of Players: 16 due to difficulty, violence associated with details of a murder, cult activities, and alcohol
    Gender of Players: Either - this is not a role playing game.
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    1. Excellent Storyline and quite the mystery

      Having just got into murder mysteries, my boyfriend and I are consuming everything we can. We happened upon the case of Abagail Ross and were instantly intrigued by the content; fingerprint and trace evidence reports, video interviews, call logs! Oooh we shall indeed step up our murder mystery game and boy did we. By the end we felt like veteran detectives trying to solve the case because the chief is breathing down our necks to “get it done!”. We did and we brought that poor girl justice. Overall excellent game, super and unexpectedly immersive and definitely entertaining ( easily 10+ hours for the advanced players; took us 3 days)! Definitely recommend!!! 10/10! on Jan 19th 2021

    2. A good who done it.

      This was really fun to do. A good date night game. I will get more of them. on Jan 5th 2021

    3. Awesome party

      My teenage daughter and her friends loved this game!! It was very detailed and interesting! It took 3 hours so it was well worth the investment! on Sep 30th 2020

    4. Catch a Killer: The Murder of Abigail Ross Review

      Catch a Killer: The Murder of Abigail Ross

      For three true crime enthusiasts and podcast hosts, we were thrilled to get the opportunity to play and review the product from ‘My Mystery Party.’ From the customer service, to ordering the product, things went very smoothly. When it came time for the day to get together and play ‘catch a killer,’ I ensured my laptop was fully charged and that I had access to all the appropriate files. Note: this is done all virtually. Just make sure you have a notebook and pen in hand!

      After concluding the 1st and 2nd phases of the game, and successfully guessing our murderer, we had a blast playing detective and sharing our notes over a bottle of wine.

      I am more of a hands-on type of individual so when I get the chance to have something in front of me (whether that be a book or a board game), I choose to have that instead of virtually. I did feel it was a lot of going back and forth from the videos you needed to watch and back to the checklist to ensure you were going in order and not missing anything. Maybe it would have been better from a desktop instead of a laptop (we did it from a MacBookPro) or even two screens would have been helpful even?

      Overall, My Mystery Party offers a great product to get your mind rushing and if you like true crime, you will not be disappointed! I recommend you hop on over to and check out their products today! With just a click away, you can have a murder mystery game downloaded instantly!

      Thank you My Mystery Party!
      Uncorked Crime (
      on Jul 7th 2020

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