Catch a Killer | Murder of Benjamin Crum Party Pack

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The Catch a Killer case file mystery games are a one of a kind experience. Unlike our other mystery games, the Catch a Killer games are not role-playing and may be played solo or with a group. Instead, you step into the shoes of a famous criminal psychologist, Dr. Gold, and help solve whodunit by sleuthing a case file full of evidence such as interrogation videos, coroner's report, call logs, and more. This will provide you with hours of entertainment (~3-5 hours).

This game is for ages 15 and up for difficulty, and may be played solo or with a group of any size. This game is not for novices - only choose this game if you're in for a challenge and serious sleuthing! 

There will be 13 required videos to play during the game consisting of 2 videos from Detective Chapman and 6 witness interrogation videos, 3 vlogs from the victim and 2 follow up interviews. You can stream from YouTube or Vimeo, download from Vimeo, or access a password protected website that has direct links to the videos. The videos are able to be downloaded prior to the game - so no WiFi is needed to host the game. There is a corresponding website at Your Mystery Party that goes along with the game, as well - but does not have to be used to play the game. It is helpful, however. Check all links to websites and passwords, as well as video files before your event if you are hosting this with other people. Since there are a lot of moving parts, you don't want any technical difficulties bogging you down. 

No annoying subscription required - solve the case in one setting.  

Note: this murder case game contains references to murder, mobsters, and violence.  

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Helpful Links: 

 Instant downloadable version - no shipping, no waiting
 Free, printable invitation.
 Corresponding pre-game site at Your Mystery Party

PLAY SOLO OR AS A GROUPthere is a lot of flexibility on how to play this game. You can play by yourself and solve the case in one night or spread out the fun and intrigue over time and work on the case at your leisure. You can take your time and spread out the fun over multiple nights – this is a challenging game. 

Alternatively, you can host a party (or two or three) and solve the case as a group. There are two ways to play with a group:

  1. Work together as an investigative team. Don’t move on with the case unless everyone agrees or at least debates the issues until you have an agreement (or you agree to disagree).
  2. Work together on the investigation but have each player (or smaller teams of players) submit an individual guess of whodunit. The materials will be available to the group equally, but each player (or team) will take notes and come to conclusions independently. They can discuss the case, but with a competitive edge. You can declare winners after the solution is presented.



Online/Video files - stream from YouTube or Vimeo, access from a password-protected website, or download from Vimeo.

  • Detective Kincaid's 48 hour video (round one)
  • 8 Witness Interrogation videos (6 suspects, and 2 of them have 2 videos. Round one and two)
  • 3 victim vlog videos (round one)
  • Detective Kincaid's 72 hour video (round two)
  • Online sites at to supplement your investigation

Printed materials - prepared in a 48-hour, 72-hour, and a solution envelope.

  • Dr. Gold's notepad for taking notes
  • Bic mystery investigation pen
  • Bic highlighter
  • List of Witnesses
  • Narrative Report BC-02145621Y (murder of Benjamin Crum) by Detective Kincaid
  • Victim’s Identification Form (Form V-100)
  • Transcript of Chief Austin’s Interview
  • Coroner’s Report (autopsy)
  • Questioned Document report with handwriting samples, evidence (2)
  • Cellular telephone records of Benjamin Crum
  • Incident reports (2)
  • Crime Lab Reports – Fingerprint, Toxicology, Trace Evidence
  • Devil’s Creek area map
  • MSDS #1
  • Helpful forms for your investigation (2)
  • Head shots of suspects
  • Stoplight logs (2)
  • Unknown Sample Report
  • MSDS #2

Murder Mystery Synopsis:

Have you ever wanted to be a famous criminal psychologist assisting a homicide detective to solve a nationally-publicized case? Here is your chance to step into the shoes of Dr. Gold and embark upon a wild and frenzied challenge where you will accept Detective Kincaid’s request and probe the lives of six witnesses to determine if they are guilty of a dreadful murder. Detective Hunter Kincaid has called upon you for help, as the murder of Benjamin Crum is garnering global attention and is trending on all platforms of social media. It is the 48-hour mark after the murder, and you will now step into the role of Dr. Casey Gold – a top criminal psychologist who directs the BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit) of the FBI. Time is of the essence, and no stone should be left unturned. Can you solve the case before the murderer gets away?

If you wish to host this (or any other) game for profit, you will need a commercial license - click here. 

Number of players:
Any amount. Play solo, with a group, or in teams.
Minimum age:
15 for difficulty and violence, mob activity storylines.
Either, as this is not a role-playing game. This is a case file to solve.