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A bug themed mystery party game filled with exciting scavenger hunts and mysteries for ages 5-9 years old, and 6-15 players. Get ready to solve five fun mysteries and find the missing honey in Bug City! The game has 15 bug-worthy characters and is set in a tiny place called Bug City! (You only need 6 players to play this mystery game.)  This is the instant download version of the game. You'll have everything needed to play with the game file - just print, prepare, and play. 

Kid's mystery party.

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Mystery Synopsis

The mischievous cockroaches from La Cookaroacha overpopulated their town once again and needed to expand their borders. Unfortunately, the roaches chose Bug City as their next location! The wicked roaches sneaked into Bug City and hid the bug's honey in a secret location. The cockroaches knew that the only thing protecting Bug City from being flattened by the bears of Big Bear Forest was the honey in the honey combs surrounding the city as this feeds the hungry bears! Without the Bug City honey, the bears would trample over Bug City while searching for something else to eat!
Luckily, the cockroaches wanted to keep things a little fair for the bugs and gave the bugs a fighting chance to save their city. They created five mysteries that when solved, would lead to the secret location of the missing honey. However, time was not on the bugs' side! The hungry bears were starting to wake up from hibernation and the bugs had to hurry up and solve the mysteries to find the missing honey and save Bug City!

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Minimum age:
5 years
Maximum age:
9 years
Number of players:
6-15 players
Expandable players?:
Expands to 50 players with teams
Gender of players:


  • 5
    Second game!

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 18th 2018

    We did the Zoo party for kids last year. This is the same format as that game. Great party.