Expansion pack #1 for Bourbon Street mystery party

Bourbon Street Expansion Pack

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    **DO NOT PURCHASE THIS EXPANSION KIT WITHOUT PURCHASING BUMPED OFF ON BOURBON STREET....A MARDI GRAS MURDER MYSTERY PARTY GAME.** This is an INSTANT DOWNLOAD of the expansion pack including 5 expandable additional characters that can be expanded to over 50 characters - (see the character list below for details). This document should be printed in addition to the original BUMPED OFF ON BOURBON STREET - A MARDI GRAS MYSTERY PARTY GAME kit. This is not a complete 'stand alone' game - it is only to be purchased if you are needing 5+ additional characters (5 unique and expandable to teams including over 50 players) for the BUMPED OFF ON BOURBON STREET MURDER MYSTERY PARTY GAME. 

    How to host a large party with this murder mystery game: 
    • 14 unique player roles in the main game (purchased separately)
    • Up to 15 players as an expanded team with Alphonse Dugas's colleagues / casino dealers (main game)
    • Up to 15 players as Belle Arcenaux's friends (main game)
    • 5 unique player roles in the expansion pack #1 (purchased separately)
    • Up to 15 players as team members of the St. Louis Lambs to play with Steve Spaniolo (expansion pack #1)
    • Up to  15 players as Robbie Patterson's Entourage (expansion pack #1)
    • Up to 15 players as pharmacy assistants of Farma Celadie (expansion pack #1)
    • Up to 15 players as members of Mary A. Felo's wedding party (expansion pack #1)
    • Up to 15 fellow street vendors to play with Sela Fude (expansion pack #1)

    Therefore,  you have 19 unique player roles and the ability to expand the game to over 120 guests. 



    Click here for the character list and click here for the invite


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    1. Very fun

      We had a murder mystery birthday party and the guest of honor loves Mardi Gras, so this theme was the layout for the evening. The murder mystery was fun. We all had a great time.
      on Oct 7th 2019