Add a character to a boxed set of a murder mystery party

Add Party Ready Pack Character

Usually ships in 3-4 business days
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    This option is to add 4 or more existing expansion pack characters to a party ready pack. These characters will be prepared just like your main party ready pack was prepared, and we will attempt to match your envelope colors - but this is not guaranteed. Please add an additional 2 business days for our staff to prepare these characters for your kit. 

    ORDER OF CHARACTERS: there must be an available expansion pack for the game you are playing. If there is not, you will need to purchase custom characters. Expansion pack players will be prepared in order of occurrence on the character list - we do not have the ability to allow you to pick different combinations of characters from the list.  For example, if you purchase 5 characters of an 8 player pack - you will receive characters #1-5 on the list. If you make a request to have anything different prepared - your order will be placed on hold, and we will contact you within 24 hours to ask if you still want the order prepared with the characters in order on the list - therefore, your order will be delayed. 

    NUMBER OF CHARACTERS: You can select more than 4 characters by using the drop down box, but you cannot select more than exists in the available expansion packs. For example, if a game has a published 5 character expansion pack, you cannot select a number more than 5 - as they are not available. Your orders should automatically link in our system and if they do not, we will contact you.  If you do not respond to our email, your order will auto-cancel in the system and cause you further delay.

    ***Again, because it's important - the characters must exist for sale on an expansion pack and the characters you choose MUST be in order of occurrence. We do not have the ability to allow you to select multiple combinations of characters &/or characters from multiple expansion packs. To avoid delays, check your game's page and view the links to the expansion packs to be sure the characters are available &/or contact us at, and we will be glad to assist you.

    INCORRECTLY-PLACED ORDERS: Any order placed incorrectly will be put on hold while we contact you to determine your needs and will unfortunately be canceled in our system if not resolved in 24 hours. We will make every effort to match your envelope colors to your party ready pack, but we cannot guarantee an exact match - especially if time has passed since you have received your main party ready pack.

    MATCHING ENVELOPE COLORS:  send us a picture of your existing party ready pack envelopes via email, and we will make every effort to match them. Again, matching exactly is not guaranteed, as we have fluctuations with our distributors. If you do not send us a photo via email of your existing color scheme, we will do our best effort to prepare the same color scheme - but there is no guarantee.


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    1. Everyone will want to come

      I ordered just a kit, then an add on, then another one. When people found out about this, everyone wanted to come. Run the ideas by people and then order. on Mar 11th 2019

    2. Perfect

      People are so impressed with the way the kit comes, it is wrapped and packaged very nice and it makes for a sophisticated game presentation. on Mar 1st 2019