'80s Murder Mystery Game

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Like, totally! Hosting this super silly, in-person (face-to-face traditional mingling format) '80s murder mystery party will result in a hilarious evening for 8-18+ players, ages 14+. 40 unique players with both expansion packs (17F, 20M, 3E), can be expanded to over 70 guests (see below for how to host a large party with this game). This is the instant download upon purchase version of the game - no waiting, download instantly, and there's nothing to ship, so you avoid shipping fees!  Easy to host, easy to prepare. For the boxed version, scroll down to the link below 'helpful links,' and let our staff prepare your game kit for you. 

For a night of glam rock, pop icons, Mogwai scandals, vampire bats, and Rubik's cubes, this is the game for you! Warning: this game is lighthearted and not to be taken seriously, as it's all about the Radical Eighties with a fun spin on things to make your players laugh all night!

There are four PDF files to download with this game - a host instruction file, printable file, solution key, and an optional free invitation file. 

 4-star.jpg This game was updated on 8/15/2021 

Helpful Links:

Host character list
Free, printable invitation
 Sample game materials
 10 character Expansion pack #1 - Purchased separately
6 character Expansion pack #2 - Purchase after Expansion pack #1
 6 character Expansion pack #3 - Purchase after Expansion pack #2
 Boxed version - My Mystery Party will prepare your party ready kit
Direct your guests here - the corresponding pre-game site at Your Mystery Party


Murder Mystery Synopsis:

Polly Abdool is hosting a totally tubular album release party for her friend, Debbie Gribson, at a posh VIP Beverly Hills club. Debbie Gribson is a top international pop idol who is releasing her new album, Eclectic Youth! She is simultaneously releasing a new fragrance line of the same name! The guest list is stock full of big name celebrity guests who will undoubtedly hit the scene in outrageous '80s fashion!

You are on the guest list and have received your invitation. There are a few names on the guest list that you dread having to be around for the night, but you wouldn't mind the exposure. This is where your story begins

How to Host a Larger Party:

  • 18 unique players from the main game.
  • 10 unique players from expansion pack #1
  • 6 unique players from expansion pack #2
  • 6 unique players from expansion pack #3.
  • Up to 15 duplicate valley girl/boy team members led by Muffy Bangles, see main game character list
  • Up to 15 duplicate '80s prep team members led by Buff Biffman, see main game character list  

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If you wish to host this (or any other) game for profit, you will need a commercial license - click here. 

Minimum age:
14 years
Difficulty rating:
Moderate, 4/10
Gender of character roles:
# of players in main game:
8-18 players
Expansion pack(s):
10 players, 6 players, 6 players (40 total unique with expansion packs)
Expandable team players:
Over 70 players with teams (with expansion packs & duplicate team players)
Date of publication:
Last revised on 8/15/21
Game license:
Single, private use. For the game license Terms and Conditions, see below.


  • 5
    Like, This Murder Mystery Was Totally RAD!!!!!

    Posted by Kimberly Bellof on Jun 18th 2021

    We had an amazing time with this game! One thing I would suggest is to make sure all guests are following the solution cards appropriately. Some of our guests revealed the murder too soon, however we still had an amazing time!!!!!

  • 5
    So much fun!!

    Posted by Rochelle on Feb 14th 2021

    Everyone loved it, the characters were great. This was my first time hosting and it was very easy. We can't wait to play another one!!

  • 5
    everyone had a blast!

    Posted by Tina on Feb 2nd 2021

    We loved it! We were able to mingle and move around while talking and gathering clues, It helped that everyone came in character and got into it! It was great!

  • 5
    Great time for the teens

    Posted by MamaChula on Nov 6th 2020

    We had a wonderful time solving this 80's themed mystery. It was a group of 12 high school students and they loved dressing up, bringing popular 80's foods, a totally rad playlist, and the fun bonus games kept the party rolling. Thanks for a great event!

  • 5
    So much Fun and Easy to play!

    Posted by Brett Milgrim on Sep 21st 2020

    We did this for my wife’s birthday and had a blast! It was really fun and easy to follow along. Even the guests we didn’t expect to get into character, Really got into it! I can’t say enough how much fun it was! My wife loved it and so did all of our friends!

  • 5
    Fun Party

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 14th 2020

    We hosted this party for my daughter's 16th birthday. Everyone had a blast!

  • 5
    Great activity!

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 11th 2020

    We were looking for an exciting family activity for my daughter's birthday, which unfortunately occurred during quarantine. This was perfect. Would have been better with more people (we were limited to family only) but everyone enjoyed it. They all dressed up and got into it. It's a great theme and a lot of fun. Now that I've done it, I would be able to do another one easily and it would be even better!

  • 5
    My Sister’s 40th Birthday

    Posted by Sydnee on May 16th 2020

    My sister-in-law turned 40 this month, and unfortunately, the country is in the midst of a public health crisis which makes going all out to celebrate nearly impossible. Nonetheless, the family came together and thought this going back to the 80s and trying something she has always wanted to try, a murder mystery party, would be a good way to both celebrate her and get our mind off the pandemic. The term success is an understatement, when it comes to this game. My family had so much fun getting into and staying in character, playing their roles, and trying to figure out whodunit. It was a great game filled with both mystery and comedy. We have two preteens in our family, and the fact that they were able to participate in the clean and funny humor was a definite bonus. As the host, I loved the detailed instructions and organization of the game. I followed the outline and timeline which made the evening go smoothly. My family also enjoyed the bonus games. I went off script a bit with the bonus games, with incentives such as; the winner gets to make their dinner plate or choose their dessert first. This was exactly what we needed during such a trying time. We cannot wait to try more games the site has to offer, but I would definitely recommend playing this game.

  • 5
    Best 40th Birthday Ever!

    Posted by Becky Buzzi on Jan 29th 2020

    I was amazed how much fun this was to do! I chose to do the 80's murder mystery for my 40th birthday, cause like duh, I was born in 1980! I had 31 people participate and I have to say everyone took their characters very seriously! I printed off the packages and gave them all to my friend to organize, I didn't want to know anything about what was going to happen. She contacted everyone about a month before the party, I would say a month seemed like a decent amount of time for everyone to plan their characters. A week before the party she sent out the pre game so everyone had to contact a character, this was fun because there were total strangers bashing each other! I decorated the tables in 80's candy, pink popcorn, nerds, runts ect everyone loved having snacks and grown adults got to take loot bags home! I am so sad all the hype is over...but so happy that it was an amazing night! I will be doing many more of these! I wish I could post pictures!