1920s Murder Mystery Party

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A roaring '20s murder mystery party (in-person, face-to-face) game for 8-15 guests - 8 required and 7 optional, ages 16 and up - downloadable version. Up to 55 unique player roles with all three expansion packs (purchased separately). The roaring twenties murder mystery party game is set at the height of prohibition in a 1920s speakeasy. Choose to host this '20s murder mystery party game if you are up for loads of blackmail, deceit, intertwining relationships and murder - all packaged in a fun flapper & gangster themed murder mystery party! For further description of the game content, scroll down below to 'Additional Details.' This is the instant download version of the game - you will have everything needed to play with the instant download - just print and prepare. There's nothing to ship, so you avoid shipping fees!  For the party ready pack, click on the link below in the helpful links section.

There are four PDF files to download with this game - a host instruction file, printable file, solution key, and an optional free invitation file.  

This is a traditional, mingling, clue-based game for in-person groups. For virtually-formatted games that are ideal for video chat platforms, click here. 

The standard game license does not allow transfers, so you cannot purchase a download as a gift. For gifts, click here for gift certificates, or use the link below for the boxed version of the game (party pack). 

5-star.jpgThis game was updated on 08/13/2021

Helpful Links:

 Host character list
 15 player invitation
 Sample game materials
 Murder mystery prop emporium
 14 character Expansion pack #1 - Purchased separately
 14 character Expansion pack #2 - Purchased after Expansion pack #1
 12 character Expansion pack #3 - Purchased after Expansion pack #2
 Boxed version - My Mystery Party will prepare your party ready kit
 Direct your guests here - the corresponding pre-game site at Your Mystery Party

Murder Mystery Synopsis:

It’s the height of Prohibition in 1920s Chicago, and there’s a mob war brewing between the South Side Gangsters and the Northern Chicago Mob Outfit. The two ruthless crime leaders Hal Sapone and Beanie O’Dannon have finally reached an agreement on bootlegging practices in Chicago and have decided to pull together resources to undergo a collaborative effort with criminal endeavors.On the surface, this strategy seems similar to bailing out a sinking ship with tin cups, nevertheless. Recently, gangsters from the north and south have been spotted together at various speakeasies throughout Chicago, but the tension in the air is always thick enough to be cut with a knife.

However, this newfound relationship between the opposing mob bosses has served, thus far, to inhibit gratuitous bloodshed as in the past. Part of the success of this truce is that both crime bosses have found new dames, thereby intertwining more mutual relationships between the two factions. The two gangs have set an official date to meet at Hal Sapone’s Grand Gatsby Speakeasy to resolve all remaining differences. Will these two underground organizations resolve their disputes or will a massive melee erupt, rekindling the fatal flames between them? This is where your story begins.

 If you wish to host this (or any other) game for profit, you will need a commercial license or provide us with your 501C number for a charity fundraiser - click here.

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Minimum age:
16 years (prohibition and mobster content such as bootlegging, gambling, speakeasies, love triangles/affairs, violence)
Difficulty rating:
Moderate, 5/10
Gender of character roles:
# of players in main game:
8-15 players in the main game
Expansion pack(s):
14 players (#1), 14 players (#2), 12 players (#3)
Expandable team players:
Date of publication:
Last revised on 08/13/21


  • 5
    Soo much fun

    Posted by Sejla on Jan 2nd 2021

    The game was easy to follow and all the instructions were set out clearly. It was so much fun hosting this and I would definitely try another one in the future.

  • 5
    Made for a great night and great memories

    Posted by Chelsea Gallagher on Dec 26th 2020

    We played this for my birthday, with a large group who most of whom didn’t know each other, and this game was great at bribing everyone together. It tells you specifically who to go talk to, and so that will help your guests get to know each other and break the ice! Would highly recommended this one!

  • 5
    Soooooo much fun!!!!!!!

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 4th 2020

    Family fun filled night! This was my first to hosting a Murder Mystery, and now I am addicted based on this game. We enjoyed every minute. Even when we maybe confused for a bit it all came together based on the game and contents. Thank-you

  • 5
    Fun party

    Posted by Angela Decker on Nov 2nd 2020

    We had a blast, this was so much fun people cant wait till the next murder. iIt has surprises at the end. this was great.

  • 5
    Amazing loved it!

    Posted by Daisy on Oct 28th 2020

    Omg this party was a hit!! Everyone loved everything about it and could not stop talking about it that we decided to purchase another party kit. The scripts were so easy and fun if you stay in character it's so hilarious and flowed perfectly!! The host instructions super easy, the theme, decor, characters and script was awesome truly sets you up and only 2 people got the murder correct. Sooo much fun!!! Totally recommend!!

  • 5
    A Gatsby Affair

    Posted by Colleen Bergin on Oct 18th 2020

    While we only had an all female group (some of us took on the roles of the men), it was still a blast! It was well done, and I highly recommend doing the optional challenges - so much fun! The laughter was nonstop throughout the party, no matter how serious we tried to be in our roles. We plan to order another kit to do after the holidays!

  • 5
    Night at the Gatsby

    Posted by Harley on Oct 12th 2020

    We had an absolute blast. The game is so organized and well put together! Loved traveling back in time and can’t wait to do it again!!

  • 5
    What an amazing night

    Posted by Harley on Oct 12th 2020

    This game is so well organized. My group had an absolute blast transporting ourselves back in time!

  • 5
    A Grand Time at the Grand Gatsby

    Posted by Josie on Sep 25th 2020

    We all had so much fun! The storyline was extremely detailed but the directions were easy to follow. I liked that many of the costumes were similar, so people can easily switch characters if there is a last minute emergency. I would highly recommend this for a fun-filled night!