Non-Murder Mystery Game: The Thanksgiving Thievery - Instant Download.

Non-Murder Mystery Game: The Thanksgiving Thievery - Instant Download.


A hilarious non-murder Thanksgiving mystery party for your family's Thanksgiving dinner for 8-16+ guests!
In addition to the fun Thanksgiving Mystery party game, there are also exciting Thanksgiving-themed bonus activities included in the instant download:
  • Ice-breaking General Trivia challenge
  • What Thanksgiving thing could I be?
  • Mystery Thanksgiving Scramble
  • Fingerprint Challenge
  • The Awesome Thanksgiving Charade Challenge

Every Thanksgiving, the Cranberry and Peaknuckle families gather at the home of Morgan and Maximus Cranberry and this Thanksgiving is no different. Chef Mo Cranberry, a famous molecular gastronomy chef, has innovative plans to prepare Tom Turkey, as the Cranberry’s traditionally call their Thanksgiving bird. The chef promises to use innovative techniques to prepare the delicious Thanksgiving feast and the family members are more than excited to see what Chef Mo can do! Morgan Cranberry has fun party games planned for the day while Chef Mo does the magic in the kitchen - and of course – everybody will need to catch up with each other, as well. You wouldn’t miss the Cranberry-Peanuckle holiday festivities for the world! You’ve made your travel plans and this is where your story beings…

Overall it was a very memorable Thanksgiving!
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