Non-Murder Mystery Game: The Thanksgiving Thievery - Instant Download.

Non-Murder Mystery Game: The Thanksgiving Thievery - Instant Download.


A hilarious non-murder Thanksgiving mystery party for your family's Thanksgiving dinner for 8-16+ guests!
In addition to the fun Thanksgiving Mystery party game, there are also exciting Thanksgiving-themed bonus activities included in the instant download:
  • Ice-breaking General Trivia challenge
  • What Thanksgiving thing could I be?
  • Mystery Thanksgiving Scramble
  • Fingerprint Challenge
  • The Awesome Thanksgiving Charade Challenge

Every Thanksgiving, the Cranberry and Peaknuckle families gather at the home of Morgan and Maximus Cranberry. Chef Mo Cranberry, an infamous molecular gastronomy chef, was to prepare Tom Turkey, as the Cranberry's traditionally called their Thanksgiving turkey, for the meal again this year. This time, the Chef promised to use new and innovative techniques that were sure to make the Thanksgiving meal an absolute treat! The family and friends arrived and enjoyed some of the delectable appetizers prepared by the Chef and engaged in a fun general trivia challenge. Awaiting dinner, the group played an exciting game of 'What Thanksgiving Thing am I' followed by a fun brain-drain challenge called the 'Thanksgiving Scramble!' Everyone was getting hungry but everything was going according to plan until to everyone's shock...Tom Turkey was noticed missing! The family and friends rallied together to figure out whodunit and a high-energy investigation commenced. Luminol conducted a mini forensic analysis that aided the investigators in their quest and when the investigation was over, the accusations flew around the room. Then, one by one, each person admitted their involvement, if any, with the crime and the criminal confessed! The group had to go on a quick hunt to find Tom Turkey and once he was found, they were allowed to enjoy a scrumptious dinner. With stuffed bellies, a hilarious game of Thanksgiving Charades was played while everyone enjoyed hot chocolate and dessert! Overall it was a very memorable Thanksgiving!
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