Murder Mystery Game: One too many Witches will Spoil the Brew- Instant Download

Murder Mystery Game: One too many Witches will Spoil the Brew- Instant Download


This witch-themed murder mystery party is an entertaining and slightly spooky time for 5-8 adult ladies. Gather your wands, practice your cackle, and get ready to sleuth an awesome & spooky witch murder mystery! It doesn't have to be Halloween to dress as witches, you know, so have this witchy party at any time of the year!
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In addition to the witchy Halloween murder mystery game, there are optional bonus games such as:
  • Ice-breaking Halloween Trivia
  • A Spooky Dance Contest
  • The Spooky Movie Challenge
  • What Spooky Thing am I Game
  • Balloon Blower Challenge
  • Spooky Charades Challenge
  • Spooky Lyric Challenge

Halloween Murder Mystery Party Game Synopsis
The witches arrived at the weekly 1300th Witch's Coven expecting a typical night of preparing Witch's brews, practicing new spells and gossiping about Warlocks! A few witches were in rare form and the chemistry of the group was not quite right but nonetheless, the witches started the evening with fun cocktails and yummy appetizers. They challenged each other on some Halloween trivia questions before engaging in an amusing gossip session. The witches played some hilarious games such as the Spooky Dance Contest and the Creepy Disguise Challenge. Some of the witches did not get along too fabulously and so a delectable dinner was served with a fun distraction of the Spooky Movie Challenge. Then, to everyone's shock...a witch was murdered! The victim became a ghost and threatened to haunt everyone forever if the murderer was not unveiled quickly! So, the witches investigated the crime and solved whodunit - while taking a few breaks to play The Great Pumpkin Carve Off, the What Spooky Thing am I game, and the Balloon Blower challenge! Then, dessert was served with coffee and one by one, the witches accused who they believed to be the murderer...and the murderer confessed! To top off the Coven gathering, the witches played the Spooky Charade Challenge. Overall, it was a very interesting night at the Coven and the world - both magical and non-magical -might never be the same again!