Masquerade Murder Mystery Party: Abby Manor Masquerade - Party Ready Pack

Masquerade Murder Mystery Party: Abby Manor Masquerade - Party Ready Pack
Parchment Upgrade?:  Occasion:  Unique Expansion Pack Characters? See Expansion Pack Character list below for details:  How many additional duplicate guests (to play on teams) do you need? These guests will have the duplicate clue cards to their team leader - see the Expansion Pack for details or call us at 1-800-714-3951 to assist you with your order:  Party Invitations?:  Authentic Crime Scene Tape?:  Crime Scene Balloons?:  Optional Victim's White Face makeup?:  Bic Brand Mystery Investigation Pens?:  Optional Victim T-Shirt?:  Award Certificates:  Would you like a discounted copy of The Official Party Host Handbook? It's an awesome reference guide for party hosts including over 100 party games, menu suggestions, party themes and more.: 
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A Masquerade Ball-themed murder mystery for 8-18+ guests, ages 15 and up due to difficulty. There are two expandable characters to expand to as many optional characters as you need - select them in the drop down boxes above! You will also receive a 10 minute thunderstorm ambiance mp3 that is available to download upon purchase.
In addition to the awesome masquerade ball murder mystery party ready pack, the following bonus activities are included (i.e. game instructions and game documents prepared when applicable):
  • Ice-breaking trivia
  • 'What Blue Thing Could I be?' game
  • 'So You Think you can Dance'
  • Fantastic Movie Challenge
  • Balloon Blower Challenge
  • Bubble Walk Test
  • Human Bingo
  • How do you do? Hey, I know you game

The Abby Manor Historical society hosted the annual charity event - The Abby Manor Masquerade Ball. All of high society arrived on the scene in outrageous formal fashion and enjoyed a relaxing cocktail and appetizer hour full of challenging trivia and hilarious ballroom dance contests. With the exception of a few scuffles between catty guests, the masquerade ball was entirely divine! A delicious meal was served as the guests undertook an entertaining Fantastic Movie Challenge. The great food mixed with fun challenges got the guests into an enjoyable, competitive state of mind. Then, the party guests were completely shocked when somebody was murdered! To minimize negative media attention, the guests avoided calling the police immediately so they could figure out whodunit! So the frantic murder investigation ensued. Following intense interrogations and analyses, each guest accused who they believed the murderer was other over a delectable dessert and coffee. Finally, seeing no other option... the murderer confessed! While waiting on the police to arrive, the guests overtook a few exciting party games such as the What Blue Thing am I game, the Balloon Blower Challenge, the Bubble Walk Test, Human Bingo, and the How do you do? Hey, I know you game to cap off the night's excitement!


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