1920s Murder Mystery Party - Instant Download

1920s Murder Mystery Party - Instant Download


A roaring '20s murder mystery party game for 8-15 guests - 8 required and 7 optional. 29 guests with expansion pack. The roaring twenties murder mystery party game is set at the height of prohibition in a 1920s speakeasy. Choose to host this '20s murder mystery party game if you are up for loads of blackmail, deceit, intertwining relationships and murder - all packaged in a fun flapper & gangster themed murder mystery party!
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Mystery Synopsis

At the height of prohibition in 1920s Chicago, there was a mob war brewing between the South Side Gangsters and the Northern Chicago Mob Outfit. The two ruthless crime leaders Hal Sapone and Beanie O'Dannon reached a mutual agreement on bootlegging practices in Chicago and decided to pull together resources and undergo a collaborative effort with criminal endeavors. This was similar to bailing out a hole-ridden ship with tin cups as it was only a matter of time before one side dropped the anchor and let the ship submerge. To everyone's surprise, gangsters from either side were spotted partying together at various speakeasies but the tension in the air was thick enough to be cut with a knife. However, this new-found relationship between the mob bosses did inhibit gratuitous bloodshed between the two groups as there was only weeks before. To further aid this new relationship, both crime bosses found new female companions, thereby intertwining more relationships between the two mobs. However, one fated night at The Grand Gatsby Speakeasy proved to be the final straw that broke the camel's back as the two crime factions gathered together for a good time. One of the guests at the speakeasy was murdered! Seeing that it was not a cut and dry situation on whodunit, the mobsters and their companions decided to work together one last time to try to figure out whodunit before a massive melee broke out that would certainly rekindle the fatal flames between these two criminal organizations.

In addition to the fun 1920's instantly downloadable Murder Mystery, there are additional bonus games:
  • Ice-breaking '20s slang trivia challenge
  • 'What could I be?' game
  • 'Flappin' Event Challenge'
  • 'Cat's Meow '20s Dance Contest'
  • 'The Roaring '20s Charade Challenge'

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