Non-Murder Christmas Mystery Party Game: Ho! Ho!...Hey! Who Kidnapped Rudy the Rosy-Nosed Reindeer? - Instant Download

Non-Murder Christmas Mystery Party Game: Ho! Ho!...Hey! Who Kidnapped Rudy the Rosy-Nosed Reindeer? - Instant Download


A hilarious family Christmas non murder mystery party game set in the North Pole! A fun Christmas-spirited (non-murder) mystery party for 8-16+ guests, ages 12 to 112! There is an expandable Elf character that can be expanded to as many optional characters as you need!
In addition to the Christmas non-murder mystery game, there are optional bonus games such as:
  • Ice-breaking Christmas Trivia challenge
  • What Christmas thing could I be?
  • Fingerprint Challenge
  • The Christmas Charade Challenge
  • Christmas Taboo Game

How to host a large party with the Rudy Reindeer Christmas Mystery Party
Invite the following guests to play the roles below:
  • 16 unique main game players
  • Up to 15 duplicate 'Gab the Elf's Bag Stuffing Crew' (from the main game)
  • 5 unique players from expansion pack #1
  • Up to 15 duplicate 'members of Pongo the Penguin's family'
When you use an expandable team, you will assign each team member to the lead character on the character list. For example, invite 16 members to play the role of Gab the Elf. When the guests arrive, they are to assemble into a team and select a lead character. One player will actually play the role during the game and the rest of the members will play along as Gab the Elf's crew. The expandable players will receive duplicate materials to their team during the game. They will mingle about and play just like everybody else, but they will not have unique clues to their character, but rather to their team leader. These roles are great to expand the guest list while giving everybody a role in the game. Assign the most outgoing players to the unique players and the more shy/reserved guests to the expandable players.
Christmas Themed Non-Murder Mystery Party Game Synopsis
It was time for the annual pre-Christmas meeting at Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus's home in the North Pole. This was the bustling time of the year when the Christmas workers needed to stop working for a moment and come together to discuss how Christmas was unraveling. The meeting attendees arrived as planned at Santa's home. They enjoyed appetizers and engaged in fun Christmas trivia questions while waiting for the meeting to begin. They had fun with an exciting game of 'What Christmas Thing am I' followed by a challenging game of Christmas Taboo. Mrs. Claus served a delicious dinner along with an entertaining Christmas Scramble challenge. Everyone noticed that Rudy the Rosy-nosed reindeer hadn't arrived at the meeting and to everyone's dismay...a kidnapper's note was found in his stable! The Christmas characters all rallied together to figure out whodunit before Christmas was ruined! After everyone accused who they believed the kidnapper was...everyone came clean with their involvement in the crime and the kidnapper confessed! After a fun scavenger hunt to find Rudy the Rosy-nosed Reindeer, the group played a fun game of Christmas Charades. Overall, Christmas had its issues behind the scenes...but the nice boys and girls got their presents on Christmas morning according to plan.
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