Murder in Dreary Hollow virtual murder mystery game.

Murder in Dreary Hollow | Virtual Murder Mystery

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    An intriguing murder mystery game for 4-10 players, ages 13+ to be played at home or in a virtual setting. This game takes about two hours to play. This is the instant download version of the game - no waiting, no shipping fees - download and play - no printing is needed.   This murder mystery game was formatted to play on Zoom or other video chat - you send each player a PDF file before the game and meet up virtually to play!  (This game does not have required video content as some of the other virtual games.)


    4 out of 10 difficulty rating for a mystery party

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     Click here to view the character list!
     Click here for the free, printable invitation!
    Click here to check out the Murder Mystery Prop Emporium! 
     Direct your guests to the corresponding pre-game site at 'Your Mystery Party'



    Leota Xavier was the most despised lady in the town of Dreary Hollow. With a sharp tongue and scowls galore, this spinster managed to make more enemies than friends during her miserable lifetime. A five-time widow with more money than good sense, she had retired from being the headmistress at Dark Harbor Preparatory School long ago. She lived alone in a mansion on the outer edge of town with nine cats and terrorized the townsfolk when her butler drove her into town.  To nobody’s surprise, Leota’s body was discovered in her front yard early this morning. The Dreary Hollow Police have summoned you. You either have the missing pieces of the puzzle needed to solve the case, or you are a prime suspect.   This is where your story begins.


    You will receive:  

    • Host instruction file - including bonus games to play virtually, player instructions, and a timeline sheet (abbreviated instructions) for your event.
    • 10 character packets (PDF files) to send to your players in advance of the party. They include instructions, a character bio, suspect list, and three rounds of game play (optional pre-game, round one materials, round two materials). 
    • Solution keys for the game and game challenge - host can play along without spoiling the game.
    • Editable text field player contact sheet for pre-game
    • Free invitation (optional to use)
    • Free pre-game website (optional, but suggested)
    • Spectator file - if you wish to add non-suspect/non-character players to play along.
    • Optional host list for 4 required players - only open if you intend on hosting with 4 or 5 players. 


     If you wish to host this (or any other) game for profit, you will need a commercial license or provide us with your 501C number for a charity fundraiser - click here.   Note: we are not issuing waivers between September 2020 and January 2021.


    Note: we are unable to set up nor assist with technical support for the video chat service - for advice on how to use a video chat, you'll need to contact whatever program's tech service you plan to use - if you are not already familiar.  Also, at least one player will need internet access to be able to search for information. 



  • Other Details

    Minimum Age: 13 for difficulty. This game is a 5 rated game, but has appropriate content.
    Number of Players: 4-10 unique suspect roles in the main game.
    Gender of players: Flexible.
    Expansion pack/ expandable?: No. 10 is the max of character roles. However, you can have spectators play along. There is an optional PDF file to download for these spectators - add up to 100+ players.
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    1. Great fun for a group of 8!

      Had a blast doing this, just make sure you the rest of the crew really read into their backgrounds and story beforehand on Oct 24th 2020

    2. Loved!

      Used this for my 13 yr old daughters birthday party. Everyone had a blast! Thank you!!! We will be coming back for sure! on Oct 13th 2020

    3. Not dreary at all!

      My work team and I did this as a virtual celebration after a few planning meetings. Everyone got to order a costume, and we had an amazing time! It was pretty easy to facilitate, and most of us solved the crime~ on Oct 5th 2020

    4. Twists and humor galore!

      This is the third game that my former college classmates and I have played during COVID. We played Who Whacked the Mole and then Murder in 1985 and have plans to play the paranormal game for Halloween. We loved Dreary Hollow! There were lots of twists and we often had to stop speaking to finish laughing at the things we learned about the suspects! The characters were finely drawn, the plot interesting and the game play fun! We particularly liked the extra puzzles at the end! At this point, we're old pros at this, and we wear costumes, create Zoom backgrounds and have a signature cocktail specifically chosen to complement each game. In this case, the cocktail was "The Old Lady," which was quite potent! Since there are fewer of us than there are characters, we take on non-required characters as secondary characters, relating what we've "heard" from these other suspects, which makes the story richer. The best tip I have is to choose the characters randomly and act them out broadly! Half the fun is having a guest play completely against type! Also, at this point, we've learned to tailor the game to our wishes. One of us wanted to pin this game to a certain time frame and we chose the 70's even though some things then became anachronistic. Because of that, I changed my character, Frances Bones, from a straight-laced teacher, into a 70's hippy teacher, which added a reason she and the victim did not get along, and it was just more fun to costume and act out this character as slightly amended! This has been a wonderful way for far-flung friends to connect, and we've been so grateful for these games and the way they've brought us together! I've been recommending this to everyone I know! I wholeheartedly recommend this particular mystery to you as well. Looking forward to our Halloween game . . . on Sep 19th 2020