Murder at the Ugly Sweater Christmas murder mystery party

Murder at the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

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    A hilarious ugly Christmas sweater themed murder mystery party game for 8-20+ guests, ages 14 and up (due to difficulty) - instantly downloadable upon purchase. There are 50 unique players available with both expansion packs (purchased separately) and the game may be expanded to 200+ players (see the breakdown below on how to host a large party). See the breakdown at the bottom of the page on how to host a large party. This is the instant download. You will have instant access to everything you need to play the game - nothing needs to be shipped, so you avoid shipping fees.  For the party ready pack version, click on the link below in the helpful links section. 

    You will receive a host instruction file, printables file, solution file and an expandable team file. For the free invitation, scroll down to 'helpful links.' 

    This is the traditional in-person, mingling format. If you need a virtual game for Christmas to play on Zoom or other video chat platform - we got your back.  Click here for the virtual selection. We do have a murder and non-murder virtual Christmas game. 


    NOTE: this game was updated on 08/24/21

    Helpful Links:

    Click here to view the character list!
    Click here for the free, printable invitation!
    Click here for the 10+ character expansion pack#1 (purchased separately)
    Click here for the 20+ character expansion pack#2!(purchased separately)
    Click here to view sample game materials.
    Click here  for the Party Ready Pack  - have My Mystery Party staff prepare your game kit!
    Direct your guests to the corresponding site at 'Your Mystery Party'



                   Murder Mystery Party Game Synopsis

    The Snowflake Lodge is hosting an ugly Christmas sweater party again this year. The townspeople of Snow Falls are excited about the holiday celebration, as the lodge is where the who's who of society will flock to show off their not-so-fashionable holiday attire.

    Unfortunately, sparks have flown between some of the guests lately with rumors of blackmail, greed, and revenge.  However, everyone has high hopes that the holiday spirit will be enough to quench the scandals - at least long enough for everybody to have a good time at the party.

    You've received your ticket to the party. Now it's time to hunt for the tackiest holiday sweater you can find.  

    This is where your story begins.

    How to Host a Large Party with the Ugly Christmas Sweater Mystery Party

    • 20 characters with the main game
    • 10 characters with expansion pack #1 (purchased separately)
    • 20 characters with expansion pack #2 (purchased separately)
    • Up to 25+ additional duplicate players as RBC News reporters with Donnor Couric (main game player)
    • Up to 25+  additional duplicate players as Snowflake Lodge Staff with Olly Joy (expansion pack #1 player)
    • Up to 25+  additional duplicate players as Harold Flake's mooching friends (expansion pack #2 player)
    • Up to 25+ additional duplicate players as Employees of The Gingerbread Shop with Ginger Breadman (expansion pack #2 player)

     If you wish to host this (or any other) game for profit or as a benefit to your organization/business, you will need a commercial license.

    For charitable organizations, you are to provide us with your 501C number for a charity fundraiser - click here. 

    More fun DIY party food and decor: 

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  • Other Details

    Minimum age: 14 years
    # of players: 8-20 players
    Expansion packs: 10 players, 20 players (both purchased separately)
    Expandable?: Expands to over 200 players with teams (including expansion packs)
    Gender of players: Co-ed or All Female (most)
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    1. So much fun

      We had so much fun doing this for Christmas party this year! I will purchase others now that I understand how it works! on Dec 20th 2020

    2. So much fun!!

      This was our first murder mystery party. Everything was provided and all we had to do was print, cut and organise. Loved every minute and so did our guests. This is the start of something very exciting!! on Jul 26th 2020

    3. Great for family!

      This murder mystery game was actually really fun. I have never done one before, let alone, planned one for others. Everyone got into it and some people caught into the killer. Even the kids were interested in the game. We did a cute cat walk after the game to show off our ugly Christmas sweaters. on Dec 29th 2019

    4. Fun night

      I would order another mystery murder package. We had 18 people from age 18-90. There were any laughs! Everyone got into their characters! We did take breaks between the rounds to eat and just chat. The package is well laid out. Do read through it a few times before the night and assign your characters a few days before so they can read up on them and prepare. That makes it fun! on Dec 27th 2019

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