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An intriguing tween non-murder mystery party for 8-16* players, ages 11 to adult, in a teen spy academy/castle setting. Younger groups (11 years) will need a parent host or older teen to assist in case they need help. This will be an easier sleuth for adult groups, but a great choice if you are wanting a lesser difficulty. This game involves solving a mystery of a stolen piece of spy technology. 

This game includes a group challenge and a brief scavenger hunt (hunting for the three cards is optional).   

Format: this is a traditional, mingling, clue-based game for in-person groups.

*Larger kit sizes are available.

4 out of 10 difficulty rating for a mystery partyPublished on: April 25, 2024

Helpful Links:

 Game Trailer Video

Sample game materials This reveals the game's format, content, and some plotlines pulled from the game cards.

 Instant download version - DIY, no wait, download and play today. 

Pinterest Board - DIY suggestions 

Kit A - 16 player game:  

 Host character list (Characters #1-16) 

 Free, printable invitation  

 Free player pre-game site at Your Mystery Party 

Kit B - 24 player game 

 Host character list (Characters #17-24)  

 Free, printable invitation 

 Free player pre-game site at Your Mystery Party  

Kit C - 32 player game

There are 12 required roles in this kit. This kit adds 4 additional required roles (characters #9-#12)

 Host character list (Characters #25-32) 

 Free, printable invitation 

 Free player pre-game site at Your Mystery Party 


Spy Mystery Synopsis: 

At the Echo Spy Academy, secrets and shadows are part of the curriculum. It's not just any school - it's the premier spy training ground for teens, where mastering the art of deception is as essential as acing your finals. Every year, the Academy's highlight is the dinner party, an event shrouded in mystery and intrigue.
You and your fellow students will perform covert role-play for this special night. Dean Shadow will assign you a new identity. The challenge? Stay utterly convincing in your disguise throughout the evening. After all, in the world of espionage, the next mission might require you to become someone entirely different.
This year, the Academy is buzzing with a thrilling twist. The rumor is that someone is planning to sabotage the dinner party. Who could it be? What could it entail? The air is thick with suspense. Every conversation might contain a potential clue, and every glance could carry a hidden message, adding an extra layer of excitement to the evening.
As you enter Mirage Hall, you'll realize this isn't just another dinner party. It's a gateway to a thrilling mission, a test of your abilities, and a playground for your skills. The game is on, and how you play it could change everything. This is where your most exciting story begins.  

The boxed set (party pack) includes the following:

  • A bound host instruction booklet including an example timeline, player instructions, party host checklist, a detailed walk-through on how to host this theme, bonus game instructions, and a suggested menu. 
  • A guest list worksheet
  • A host character list 
  • A class roster/guest list for reference at the party
  • Pre-game, round one, round two and solution game cards for 16 players (64 cards total) printed on detective-themed, parchment style, double-sided 6" by 9" paper.
  • Pre-game, round one, round two, and solution round envelopes (4 colors) for 16 players (64 envelopes total) printed with the character names and bundled by round with an insert card to denote the round.
  • 16 name tags on adhesive-backed, peelable tags
  • 16 investigation cards - 6" by 9" cardstock, double-sided, detective-themed. 
  • A Quantum Decoder cut-out in an envelope
  • A torn book page (part of the group challenge)
  • Three scavenger hunt cards in colorful A2 envelopes labeled as Scavenger Hunt.
  • A forensic report inside of a 5" by 8" kraft envelope, labeled
  • A 6" by 9" red envelope containing the group challenge solution and the game's solution, labeled.
  • A free printable invitation (available via download above under 'helpful links.')
  • A free player pre-game site (link above under 'helpful links.') 

Commercial licensing:

If you wish to host this (or any other) game for profit &/or in public &/or as a benefit to your business or organization, you will need a commercial license - click here.  

Minimum age of player:
11 years to play (need an adult host with younger groups).
4/10 - moderate difficulty level.
Gender of character roles:
Flexible - genders are not written into storylines
Kit sizes with unique suspect roles:
A: 8-16, B: 8-24, C: 12-32
Kits with expandable teams:
Date of publication:
April 26, 2024
Unique content:
Non-murder, group challenge, scavenger hunt
Game license:
Single, private use. For the game license Terms and Conditions, see below.