Mancy Crew and the Mystery of the Dangerous Secrets - Volume One - Instant Download

Mancy Crew and the Mystery of the Dangerous Secrets - Volume One - Instant Download


A detective themed non-murder mystery party for all girls - ages 12+ for 7-12 guests! Get ready to do some serious sleuthing and have a blast solving a fun and challenging mystery at River Peak High School!
*For the younger aged guests (10-12), parent hosts might need to give assistance with clues and sleuthing!
In addition to the fun mystery game, there are optional bonus games such as:
  • 'Get the Party Started Relay Race'
  • 'The Careful Cotton Carry Game'
  • 'The Eyewitness Game'
  • 'The What am I Game'
  • 'The Awesome Dance Contest'
  • 'The What am I Game'
  • 'The Ultimate Charade Challenge'

Mystery Party Game Synopsis
Mancy Crew is a senior at River Peak High School. Due to her natural talents for investigation, she founded the River Peak High School Forensic Science Club last year. It has since grown into a serious investigative group that even the River Peak Police Department has needed the assistance from on occasion! All criminal activities that take place in River Peak High are immediately and thoroughly investigated by Mancy's team according to the investigative procedures that she has outlined with the River Peak High School Principal. Unfortunately, crime rates have been high and Mancy and her Club has been quite busy lately! Mancy recently received word from an anonymous person that there is a secret society called the Sisterhood of the Dangerous Secrets that has been active since the 1920s at River Peak High. Secret membership has passed down from generation to generation over the last 80+ years and this happens to be the year that the Sisterhood will strike again at River Peak High. Mancy called an emergency meeting of the Forensic Science Club to discuss the mystery of the Dangerous Secrets so that the Forensics Science Club members might be able to put a stop to these so called 'secrets' and the harm they might cause to a single River Peak High student as they had supposedly done in the past. As usual, the group assembled in the Teacher's Lounge of River Peak High. Mancy unveiled the situation and the strategy was discussed. The group played a few fun challenging games first - as they always did to get their minds in the right state for sleuthing and to relieve tension. As Mancy says, 'relaxed investigators are effective investigators!' The group deciphered some codes and riddles in order to locate 4 of the dangerous secrets that were hidden in the School. Unfortunately, the group figured out that one of the Forensic Science Club members was also a member of the Sisterhood of the Dangerous Secrets! The group had to rally together to figure out who this was before it was too late. Once everyone came clean with their involvement, if any, with the Sisterhood, the group had to solve the mystery of the 4 secrets so the final hidden secret could be found and destroyed...before it was too late for one River Peak High School student!