How to Decorate for a Murder Mystery Party

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If you’re planning a murder mystery-themed party, one of the most important ways to bring the scene to life is by decorating! Decorating for your themed party can help you and your guests get into character and enjoy the full experience of solving the mystery! But how should you go about decorating for your themed party when you’re on a budget? Don’t worry! We have several DIY ideas for decorating to help inspire and prepare you for your ultimate Murder Mystery Party!

Setting The Scene For The Theme

Depending on the murder mystery theme, you might like to draw a mural or create a sign for the imaginary town or place! Some of the cheapest and simplest ways to make these DIY party decorations can be done using old cardboard boxes or even paper! Empty cereal or pizza boxes can be painted and displayed as buildings for a murder mystery theme in the city! Whether you’re making a ‘beware’ sign or cutting out shapes that will display hidden clues around your home, paper can be used in a variety of ways to bring your murder mystery party to life!

Where to buy party decorations on a budget?

  • If you want to get a bang for your buck and make your party even more elaborate, try checking out your nearest dollar store! This is a great place to buy cheap items, where $20 can go a long way!
  • Use what you have! Check around the house and see if you have any old candlestick holders or Halloween decorations that could be used for your murder mystery-themed party!
  • From magnifying glasses to plastic skeletons, Amazon has a large selection of party décor items that will be sure to make your game night a murder mystery party to remember!
  • You can also find affordable items on Facebook marketplace, eBay, and even the Goodwill!

Other general party decoration ideas

Use candles to set the scene for your mystery party! Your house will also feel warm and inviting if you have lots of candles and lights both inside and outside!

Outside decoration Ideas

String strands of tiny white lights in your garden, along railings, through potted plants, around tree limbs, or around the front door of your house! Using lighting can set the tone for the evening and will be sure to create a special atmosphere for your party!

Inside decorations

Although we already talked about setting the scene with store-bought items as well as DIY projects, here are some other party decoration ideas you may like to try:

  • Float small LED candles in water in glass bowls. For variety, color the water with food coloring.
  • Decorate plain glass tumblers by pasting stars cut out of tissue paper on the outside, and place a short candle inside.
  • Tie LED candlesticks with wide gold, silver ribbon.
  • Clump LED candles of different sizes in groups on a table.
  • Sit short LED candles on a tiered cake stand amongst pinecones.
  • Stand a LED candle in the middle of a dish of seashells.
  • Use scented candles to give the room a pleasant soft smell.
  • Spray pinecones or whole walnuts with gold or silver paint and cluster them around a candle. Tie with a broad ribbon to hold them in place.

Other decoration suggestions

  • Fill the house with a delightful aroma by simmering a pot of water with cinnamon and citrus fruit.
  • Fill mittens with potpourri, tie with ribbon and hang near the front door for a lovely aroma. 
  • These can be given as gifts at the end of the party!

The most important thing to remember when decorating for your themed party is to be creative.

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