Frequently Asked Technical Questions

QUESTION: I can see my file as it should be when viewing it on my computer, but my printer is making it's own version of the file with black boxes, missing headers, etc. What should I do?

Nine times out of ten, it is because you are using an older version of Adobe Reader. It can do some wacky things! There are two solutions to this: 1. On the print dialogue box, check 'print as image' and this should trick the printer into believing it is one big image and the problem should be solved. 2. The preferred solution is to upgrade to the newest version of Adobe Reader. It's quick, easy, and suggested to do. Oh, and free! Click here to upgrade your Adobe Reader

QUESTION: I cannot open my PDF file or it says it is corrupt / "damaged file."

Well, that's one thing - an old version of Adobe Reader or you're trying to open it with another program that doesn't recognize PDF files. Adobe Reader is the standard PDF viewer on computers, so please use this for an optimal and hassle free experience. Click here to upgrade your Adobe Reader


QUESTION: How can I use the free invitation? It won't save the information in the text fields!

Follow these steps: 

1. Click on the link on the game's page under Helpful Links that says 'click here for the free invitation.' The helpful links section is underneath the game trailer video.

2. Save the file to your hard drive - name it something you can remember and put it in a spot you'll remember.

3. Close the file, and close your web browser.

4. Reopen the file from your hard drive with the most current version of Adobe Reader (at this time, it is DC). If you have an older version, download the free upgrade at Click here to upgrade your Adobe Reader  It's free, quick, easy and safe - and it's standard software to open and view PDF files, so it's suggested to have it, anyway.

5. Fill in the text fields by using the Tab key (or use your mouse to click on the text fields).

6. Save an invite file for each player in the game, changing the character role for each person. 

7. Either print and mail, or email the invitation to each guest. 

If you continue to have issues with the invitation and you are using the most current version of Adobe Reader, you may have an obscure setting that is preventing something, so contact the Adobe software support team at 800-585-0774 and they should be able to troubleshoot your issue.  

Still no luck? Something may be out of our control or expertise as to why, in an extremely rare occasion, someone cannot use our free invitation. No worries - you can still invite your guests!  Use any social media event platform, a free eVite, or send an email with your party information and the link to the guest pregame site that is specific for your game. This way, the guests can still get the character list, see the game trailer video, and more. 


QUESTION: I thought I bought an instant download, but my order is being manually reviewed!

If you do not input your address &/or CVV code correctly, VISA/MC will flag your transaction as suspicious and they ask us to review/approve. This is typically done quickly (within a couple of hours), but we guarantee it within 24 hours. For example: if you purchase on Monday morning - it will be approved (if we approve of it) within an hour - if you purchase on a Friday night, it won't be approved until Saturday afternoon.  Be sure to input your information correctly in the shopping cart during purchase and this won't be an issue.  

QUESTION: I cannot find or download my game.

Just email us with your order information and we will send it to you. No need to be frustrated - this should be a fun experience for you! You'll have your game within 24 hours, most likely much sooner! If you didn't save the file upon purchase, you were also sent an email order confirmation with a link to re-download.  If you don't see this email - check your spam folder - it was sent to the email on file.  Now...some people don't realize an old email address is associated with Paypal and use it during the purchase.  This 'old' email is where your materials will be sent. If you suspect this has happened, just contact us and we can change your email address for you. 

QUESTION: Help! I never got an email confirmation and I didn't save my game upon purchase. What do I do?

One of two things have happened:

1. You didn't enter your email address correctly when you ordered your game. This is quite common. Just email us with your information (name, address and phone number that you ordered the game under) and we'll check to see if your order went through and send you the game and your order confirmation via email within 24 hours (typically sooner) - no worries!

2. You didn't finalize the sale and the order never went through. Again, by contacting us, we can check to see if this happened.

QUESTION: Help! I just ordered two or more downloadable items and I was only able to download one! 

Not a problem, just go to the links in your emailed order confirmation and click on the link to download.  It's that simple. Don't have an email? Then, check your spam folder.  Or, as we stated above, you may have entered an incorrect email address.  This happens frequently and can be very frustrating for you when that happens.  We can look up your order and change your email to the correct one - no worries! Also, if you created an account, you can always login to the account and download anything you've ever purchased. However, please note that our system was updated in March of 2016, so only orders after this date will be available. 

QUESTION: I was charged twice by Paypal? 

 Paypal does a strange thing to its account holders. It makes an authorization line AND a completed purchase line. It is very confusing, we agree. However, you'll note that only one is actually deducting from your account - not both. Hopefully, Paypal can clear up their process one day...soon.


QUESTION: I never hosted my party but cannot find my game I purchased? How can I download it?

 If it has been within a year, check your email for the emailed order confirmation - search 'My Mystery Party' in your inbox. If you cannot locate it, contact us with the email used for the order, and we will resend the invoice. 

You have a year to download your game file, so be sure to download your game within that year to avoid having to repurchase the game.


QUESTION: My credit card keeps getting declined when I try to purchase a game and I know that I have sufficient funds in my account! Help

The first thing to do is to carefully re-enter the card number. Most of the time, since you are entering so many numbers, it is a simple error. After you check that, call your bank to see if they have blocked this internet purchase as internet fraud is an epidemic and a lot of banks are ramping up security and might have selected your transaction to block.  Last, check the billing address and CVV are correct. VISA/MC will flag your transaction as suspicious or decline the charge if the billing address on file with the card is not correct. 

If you are using a prepaid VISA/MC, it may or may not go through. We have no way to determine when VISA/MC will accept your prepaid card. 

QUESTION: What file format are the electronically downloaded files?

The electronic download files are in a PDF format. These can be read and printed with the free software - Adobe Reader. However, these files cannot be modified. You can get the free Adobe Reader or purchase Adobe Acrobat software at The current up to date version of Adobe Reader is DC. We highly suggest going to and getting a free upload to update your Adobe Reader. All of our games are created with the latest version of Adobe Acrobat. Adobe Reader is necessary and free software - so why not have the latest technology!

Click here to download the newest version of Adobe Reader.
QUESTION: I am not receiving any emails from Are you ignoring me?

 We don't ignore anybody and answer all emails within 24 hours - most of the time much sooner.  Therefore, if you are not receiving an email from us - something is wrong.

 Hotmail and AOL accounts automatically direct all unrecognized e-mails to the Bulk / Junk e-mail folder. These are quarantined for a 5-day period and then they are deleted. Emails sent from our address at will be one of these unrecognized emails. To get emails from us and to get future emails from us, you will need to add the address to your contact list. You can do this a couple of ways:

1) From the bulk e-mail folder, select the email and click the 'not junk' button above the listed emails in the junk/bulk folder.

2) Another way to get our address on the contact or safe list is to select 'options' in the upper right hand corner. Then click 'contacts', then click 'safe list.' On the 'safe list' page, type '' in the text box that requires you to add an address or domain name. Then, simply click 'add.' Once has been added to the list of contacts in the safe list, you should be able to receive our emails.

Last resort, fill out our contact form with an alternate way to communicate with you besides the email you are not receiving responses with and we will contact you that way.  Or, contact us on Facebook so we can respond and tell you what is happening with the bounce-backs, etc. 

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