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This service is currently unavailable.  We expect mid-summer for this service to be back. 
These are custom characters - created by the author of the game for your party! The first character is $50.00 with all additional characters being $25.00 each (up to 8 characters total order) and upon purchase, your order will be placed in the authors' queue and will be completed within 10 business days.
Note: the Plaza Ritz Murder Mystery game is not eligible for custom characters. The golf tournament murder mystery is not eligible for custom characters. Any order for custom characters for either of these games will be canceled.


If you are having these shipped, they will not ship from our store until they are written by the author and prepared by the staff. For example, if you purchase overnight shipping, it will not leave our store for up to 10 business days, and then your shipping time will be overnight air - so it will be 11 business days before you receive your materials.

The price of custom characters may fluctuate throughout the year. The final price of custom writing is as posted on our site.

Leave us a note in the customer comments section of the order page to let us know which gender of character you prefer to add and give any specific details here. If there are no notes on the order, you will be given an even split of gender. If there's an odd number, the extra will be female.

Please note that the original mystery will not be re-written - we will give you a separate pdf document via email containing the clues for these additional characters. If there is an existing expansion pack, the characters may be added on to this file, as some things will need to be changed in the expansion pack, such as reading order in round three, etc. You can always contact us to see if we can give you an estimated completion date if you need a rushed job - however, during the busy time, this may not be possible.

There are three ways in which to order the custom characters:

1. Electronic: you can order the character(s)to be an electronic file. The character materials will be in a pdf file and will be emailed to the address provided in the order page.

2. Party ready: select this option if you are purchasing a 'party ready pack' with the original mystery. These characters will be prepared along with your party ready pack. Please note that the 2-3 day shipping time on the party ready pack will be extended due to the time it will take to write your custom characters. There is not an additional shipping fee for these custom characters as long as it is ordered simultaneously with the original party ready pack.

3. Party ready + shipping: if you have previously purchased a party ready pack and it has already shipped and you purchase the additional characters at a later time and want them to also be 'party ready'- you will need to select the last option in the drop down box above of 'party ready + shipping.' There is a flat fee of $15.00 for domestic shipping (inside of the continental U.S. only - for Alaska, Hawaii and international shipping, there will be an additional fee). We can guarantee envelope matching if the order of the party ready pack (original game kit) and the custom characters are made simultaneously. If you purchase a party ready pack and then later wish to add 'party ready' custom characters - please note that we will do our best to match the envelopes but this is not guaranteed. In any case, (pdf or party ready) if you have already purchased the game, include your original order number so we can locate your account. We still may contact you via email to discuss details - but we will always start immediately on your request.

*The Prices of Additional Characters are subject to increase at any time due to their market value. Please note that any quote given in the past or any written prices for additional characters(i.e. in game print kits) were the price for additional characters at that time and may or may not be the current price. The current price is as listed above. To keep our prices at a minimum, we reserve the right to offer custom characters for sale on our site immediately after completion.