Charlie Chestnut boxed set murder mystery party

Charlie Chestnut Murder Mystery

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    Christmas themed murder mystery party for 7-14 guests, ages 14 and up set at a holiday party for a Chestnut Factory. There are 3 expandable characters that can expand the game to over 40 players! Set at a company holiday party of an infamous Chestnut Factory. Great for personal parties and corporate events!

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    Christmas Themed Mystery Party Game Synopsis

    Charlie’s Chestnut Factory was voted one of the ten best places to work in the world by Fordes Business Magazine! Unfortunately, you can only find this rating in older magazines. The Claus family founded the company in 1901 and after going public two years ago, things have deteriorated in every way imaginable. The once happy and almost magical factory has turned into a gloomy cave of complaining drones. Profits seem to be high on the surface but the financial status of the company is crashing at a fast pace!
    Charlie Claus, IV is the CEO and the only other living heir of the Claus family is Chris Claus who works as Charlie’s assistant. These two are doing their best to figure out what is going wrong with their factory but the Board of Directors, the External Auditors from Earnest & Olde and some of the implants they have hired to work in the factory all seem to be against each point of the original company mission created by the founder, Charlie Claus, Sr., in 1901 which was: Provide the best quality chestnuts at the most affordable prices while maintaining the happiest employees on Earth.
    With departmental budgets slashed to pennies and without warning - the annual holiday bonus checks turned into a mere fruitcake, the employees of the factory have reached an all-time low. Resumes are flying out the door to other companies and now the employees have given up on the company’s mission.
    Charlie Claus, known in the past as Mr. Christmas, is trying to salvage the holiday party for the employees but given his company’s financial situation, his own salary has been cut drastically. Out of his own pocket, he is hosting this party but can only afford the bare minimum.
    The annual holiday party is scheduled for the Budget Motor Inn Ballroom and the employees are asked to pull together and make the party work. They have come together as a team and donated holiday décor and Charlie and Chris are catering the event themselves! Given the circumstances, the holiday spirits of most employees seem to be rekindling! It’s almost time for the party kickoff and this is where your story begins.

    How to host a large party with the Charlie Chestnut game

      • 14 unique main game players
      • Up to 10 guests assigned to the members of the Chestnut Sales Team to play with the character Paul North
      • Up to 10 guests assigned to the members of the Chestnut Factory Workers to play with the character Jackie Frost
      • Up to 10 guests assigned to the members of the Chestnut Factory Floor Service Team to play with the character Jay Bellrock
    Therefore, you have the ability to invite over 40 guests to your party!

    These duplicate players will receive duplicate materials to their team leaders. They will not have 'unique' story lines, but are still playing along in the game just like everybody else. They still have clue cards and mingle about with the others, guess whodunit, etc. but the only difference is that their story line is that of their team leaders' story that they will discuss with the other players.

    In addition to the Christmas murder mystery game, there are optional bonus games!
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  • Other Details

    Minimum age: 14 years
    Number of players: 7-14 players
    Available expansion pack: Not at this time
    Available expandable teams?: Expands to over 40 players with teams
    Gender of players: Co-ed
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