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NOW AVAILABLE UNTIL SEPTEMBER 30TH.  The full version of the game will be available on October 1st, 2022 with expansion packs to follow weekly. 

 Game trailer will be released on September 16th.   This game has required video content, a website for sleuthing for more clues, and our free pre-game website at Your Mystery Party that will include expanded character bios, the game trailer video, personal costume suggestions for each character role, and more.  Click here to see the pre-game site with the characters of the main game and their costume suggestions - this is the beta version and we are waiting for the game trailer video to be released, which will be soon. 

Tentative game difficulty rating: 

7-star.jpg  Click here to review the details regarding the challenge level.  

BETA TESTING OPPORTUNITY: NOW OPEN: September 9th through the 30th. If you have the time to host the in-person game between these dates, you can purchase this beta version, host the game during these dates, fill out the survey with meaningful feedback, and we will issue you a store credit for the full amount of purchase. 

 While you are playing the game and before and after during your hosting experience, please take notes on anything that can improve the game. Any typos – give us specifics. Any plot holes, etc. Especially important: download the newest files before you play – the date of the newest file will be given on the download screen on your account, so just take a moment to check right before you play. Big, significant things might change during this beta test period, and we want you to test the most current version and that is the version that your survey will reference, so do not print the file too far in advance of your party. If you purchase and then play days later, things might have been updated.  You have until 5 PM on September 30th CST to submit your feedback via a ‘completed and meaningful’ survey. Email us at to retrieve your survey at any time before 4 PM on 09/30/22 CST.

 If you fail to give us feedback at this time, you will be ineligible for the store credit, but you can request a coupon code via the email address above to apply the beta test amount (29.95 USD) toward the full price published game (of this game) once it’s released. If you purchase and host the beta but do not complete the survey, you are not eligible for a credit. You got to play a game for a reduced price.  there are no exceptions to this. The game is being published on October 1st and we need all feedback prior to that date. Please do not sign up for the beta test if you will be unable to host during this time, as the beta game links will expire upon the conclusion of the trial period on September 30th. The game's release date is October 1st. You will need a minimum of 6 players to play the game in-person, but the number of required players can extend to 16 - the host will have flexibility there. 

The published game will be both virtual and/or traditional murder mystery experience for 6-16 players, gender flexible, with four expansion packs (all purchased separately) to be released to cover 56 unique players (all gender flexible for ease to manage the hosting). This game will be a moderate difficulty and expandable to over 250 players and even more with the virtual format using the spectator files.  This game will cover the optional players seamlessly so they will never know they were optional to the game.


Two days ago, Hunter Bentley's body was discovered face down in the front courtyard of his estate. Given the chaotic scene, the coroner's first impression was that a series of unfortunate accidents had caused Hunter's death. Since the dearly departed was the CEO of Hemloxx, Incorporated, thousands of livelihoods were on the line. Within the hour, Hunter's sibling became his replacement. Unfortunately, many relatives have now flocked to the sprawling mansion, staking unfounded claims on his possessions. Unsurprisingly, those squatting inside the property within the affluent neighborhood of Rumson Waterloo Estates have started feuding. This morning, Hunter Bentley's death was declared a homicide, sending worldwide shockwaves. Hunter's attorney must make short-term decisions for his possessions, obligations, estate management, and anything else that needs attention before the probate attorneys settle the estate. All family members received a notice of a mandatory meeting at Hunter's estate. The local news anchor requested that anyone who believes they might be mentioned in Hunter's last will attend this meeting. You found that to be peculiar, but you think there is a chance the Last Will could include you. You plan to attend. This is where your story begins.