The Totally Tubular '80s Murder Mystery! - Instant Download

Murder Mystery Game: The Totally Tubular '80s Mystery - Instant Download
Murder Mystery Game: The Totally Tubular '80s Mystery - Instant Download
Item# 80ADELEC


Fer sure! This '80s murder mystery party is an entertaining and comical evening for 8-12 players. Grab your best '80s outfit and get ready to jump into the role of a fun '80s character while sleuthing a hilarious mystery...'80s style! Oh my gosh, like, gag me with a spoon! Like, this is the most radical murder mystery party you will ever host! Your friends will, like, think you are so totally tubular if you, like, invite them to this hilarious '80s murder mystery party. But like, totally beware of the farting ghost catcher!
In addition to the exciting murder mystery party game, the following '80s-style bonus activities are included in this instantly downloadable kit:
  • Ice-breaking '80s Trivia Questions
  • A Totally Tubular '80s Dance Contest
  • The Totally Awesome '80s Movie Challenge
  • Gag me with Charades Challenge
Mystery Synopsis
The totally radical CEO of Baqua Net Hairspray was an outrageous scientist by the name of Ivan Pingmold. His tubular wife, Polly Pingmold, was a recovering social outcast and recent lawsuit winner. Polly hosted a celebratory dinner for her husband's benefit concert - 'Hair Aid.' 'Hair Aid' was a radical musical concert that raised funds for research and development of larger and more outrageous hairstyles, thereby increasing sales of Baqua Net Hairspray. The celebrity guests hit the scene in outrageous ' 80s fashion and enjoyed a relaxing cocktail hour full of challenging '80s trivia and '80s dance contests. With the exception of a few scuffles between guests, the party was totally tubular! Polly got the party rolling by serving a delicious meal as she hosted an entertaining '80s movie trivia challenge. The great food mixed with fun challenges got the guests in an enjoyable, competitive state of mind. Then, the party guests were totally grossed out to the max when somebody was found murdered! The guests avoided calling the police immediately without first attempting to figure out whodunit! The famous guests winced at the thought of the negative press surrounding potential murder suspects! So the frantic murder investigation ensued. Following intense interrogations and analyses, each guest submitted their final guesses as to whodunit to Polly. Polly revealed the possible motives and guesses of whodunit to the group over dessert and coffee. Finally, seeing no other option... the murderer confessed! While waiting on the police to arrive, the guests overtook a hilarious '80s charade challenge to cap off the night's excitement!