The Totally Radical '80s Scavenger Hunt - Instant Download

The Totally Radical '80s Scavenger Hunt - Instant Download


Oh my gosh! Do you wanna go 'Back to the Eighties' and have a blast with a hilarious and challenging Scavenger Hunt Party? Well, if your answer is 'yes' - you are in the RIGHT PLACE! Get ready for some fun with Atari to Leg warmers in this awesome '80s challenge! Your friends will thank you!

GAME DESIGN: This is a fun-filled 1980s themed scavenger hunt where your guests will draw for teams using our '80s team selection squares, pick team leaders, and then the sealed task envelopes are handed to the captains to start the game! The teams will navigate their way about town completing as many of the 30 '80s themed tasks and taking 'picture proofs' of them for the judging session back at home base when the time is up!
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The instantly downloadable kit for this fun 1980s scavenger hunt party game includes:
Complete game instructions for the host!
Team Rule Summary Sheets
Team Selection Squares
Team Task Sheets for 5 or more teams (30 tasks)
Final Judging Sheet
Here are a few examples of the scavenger hunt party tasks:

EXAMPLE: Go to any grocery store and find 5 items that could have definitely been found in a 1980s grocery store. Make sure this is undisputable - so think about this before you select items! The picture proof is of 3 of your team members posing artistically with the 5 items.

EXAMPLE: Go into any public place and 2 team members must break dance '80s style. The picture proof must be of the act of dancing with at least one confused or laughing bystander. One person must be performing a back spin.

EXAMPLE: Locate the movie 'Sixteen Candles' and have 3 members mimic the cover of the movie in the picture proof. The picture proof must include one of the members holding the DVD/VHS of the movie.

Can you imagine that? Hysterical! And these are only three of the thirty fun tasks you will find in the game kit!