Murder Mystery Game: The Drink of Death at Skittle's Bachelorette Party! - Instant Download

Murder Mystery Game: The Drink of Death at Skittle's Bachelorette Party! - Instant Download


A bachelorette party murder mystery game for adults, 12 guests - 8 required and 4 optional. A good option for a clean bachelorette party.
In addition to the bachelorette murder mystery party game, there are optional bonus games such as:
  • Ice-breaking Famous Bachelorette Trivia
  • The Fabulous Party Dress Challenge
  • Kickin' Party Movie Challenge
  • Planning the Ultimate Bachelorette Party game
  • The Awesome Wedding Charade Challenge

Murder Mystery Party Game Synopsis
The bachelorette party was planned, the guests were invited and the party got started! Skittles, a famous rap artist, was to be married to Richard Nice, a television commercial producer. Skittle's best friend, Jingles Knightly, hosted an awesome bachelorette party for her. The party got started with a challenging ice-breaker of 'Famous Bachelorette Trivia' questions and the guests mingled while enjoying cocktails and appetizers. A hilarious 'Fabulous Party Dress Challenge' game was played by the guests followed by a scrumptious dinner. While the guests dined, a fun 'Kickin' Party Movie Challenge' game was played by the guests. This got their competitive spirits going as they geared up to play the next fun party game...that is...until a guest dropped dead among them. The guests rallied together to investigate to figure out whodunit! Skittles used her connections to rush a forensic analysis which helped the investigators determine who the murderer might have been. After the investigation, the guests turned in their individual guesses to Jingles Knightly who revealed the individual guesses of whodunit to the group. The guests took a break from the stress and played the 'Planning the Ultimate Bachelorette Party' Game. Then, they sat in a circle and one-by-one, they admitted their involvement in the murder, if any, to the group and to everyone's shock, the murderer confessed! To top off the evening, they played a game of 'Bachelorette Charades' while they waited for the police to arrive. Overall, it was a night to remember!