Stop the Presents! The Murder at Mary Felo's Birthday Party - Party Ready Pack

Stop the Presents! The Murder at Mary Felo's Birthday Party - Party Ready Pack
Parchment Paper Upgrade?:  Party Invitations?:  Authentic Crime Scene Tape?:  Crime Scene Balloons?:  Optional Victim's White Face makeup?:  Bic Brand Mystery Investigation Pens?:  Optional Victim T-Shirt?:  Award Certificates: 
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A light hearted and entertaining all-female murder mystery party for 8-12 adults in a birthday party setting. You will also receive a free thunderstorm 10 minute ambiance track mp3 that will be available via download upon purchase.
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  • Direct your guests to the corresponding site at 'Your Mystery Party'

  • In addition to the fun murder mystery party game, the following bonus activities are included (instructions and game documents when applicable):
    • Ice-breaking Famous Couples Questions
    • Party Dress Challenge
    • The Wedding Movie Challenge
    • Party Planning Challenge
    • Ultimate Party Charades

    Ima Gudfrend hosted a birthday party for Mary A. Felo. Mary Felo was the wife of Harry Iznace, the son of a meddling woman, Enerbe Iznace. As the colorful cast of characters arrived at the birthday party, they quizzed each other with a fun famous couples trivia ice breaker and enjoyed cocktails & appetizers. The guests soon found they didn't all get along that well, but Ima Gudfrend pressed on with challenging games such as Drawin' your Celebrity Dream Guy and The Fabulous Party Dress Challenge. The guests had a blast...even among accusations, insults, and downright cattiness that ensued around them. Being an excellent hostess, Ima continued with The Wedding Movie Challenge during a wonderfully aromatic and scrumptious dinner. This seemed to calm everyone's nerves until the murder victim was discovered! The guests rallied together in hopes of solving this mystery and underwent a thorough investigation including an analysis of a Forensic Investigation Report. The guests turned in their guesses of whodunit to Ima Gudfrend and then lightened up the mood with another exciting game, Let's Plan this Party. After the party planning game, the guests sat in a circle and one-by-one, told their story of involvement...if any...with the murder. Everyone was shocked when the murderer confessed! While the group waited for the police to arrive, they played a hilarious game of Party Charades. Overall, it was an exciting, challenging and mysterious birthday party!