St. Patrick's Day Murder Mystery Teen Version -Instant Download

St. Patrick's Day Murder Mystery Teen Version -Instant Download


This is a fun 8-18+ character St. Patrick's Day Murder Mystery Party Game suggested for ages 15 and up. This party can be played as Co-Ed or All Female.
In addition to the fun St. Paddy's Day mystery party, there are also the following bonus games::
  • Ice-breaking Irish trivia challenge
  • 'What green thing am I?' game
  • 'A Sprinkle of Irish Movie Challenge'
  • 'Irish Jig Dance Contest'
  • 'The St. Patrick's Day Charade Challenge'
  • 'A Pot O' Gold Challenge'

It was St. Paddy's Day and the Shakin' Shamrock Pub was rockin' and rollin' with a full house of intriguing Irish gents and ladies. Some were regulars and others arrived just to celebrate the festive occasion! They started the party right by mingling with delectable appetizers and engaged in a hilarious Irish Jig Contest and then competed with the Sprinkle of Irish Movie Challenge. Some of the customers were known rivals and didn't get along fabulously, but everyone at the Shakin' Shamrock kept the party going...that is, until a murder victim was discovered! Luckily, one of the customers had a friend at the local police department who was able to quickly collect some forensic evidence for the group to consider in their investigation of whodunit. To break the stress of the investigation, the customers took a break with the What Green Thing am I game and the Blimey Pot O' Gold Toss. Then over a delectable dessert and yummy hot chocolate, the customers took turns accusing who they believed the murderer was and then to everyone's shock...the murderer confessed! The customers got the party back on track with an awesome game of Irish Charades. Overall it was a St. Patrick's Day to remember!