Pandemonium on Plymouth Rock mystery party - Instant Download

Pandemonium on Plymouth Rock mystery party - Instant Download


A fun family Thanksgiving Day Murder Mystery Party for 6 to 10 guests,ages 13+. This is an extremely light-hearted and comical murder mystery for great family fun on Thanksgiving.
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Mystery Synopsis

Hannah Standish sent the announcements for her annual Thanksgiving feast to the Pilgrims of Plymouth Village and the Native Americans of the Wompang tribe. The day of the feast arrived and the hungry guests flocked to the Standish home with their hands full of tasty dishes to be shared by all. The guests quizzed each other with fun trivia while nibbling on delectable appetizers. To everyone's surprise, representatives from a neighboring flock of wild turkeys also arrived on the scene to befriend the Pilgrims and Native Americans in hopes to stop the growing tradition of roasting a turkey on Thanksgiving Day. The turkey representatives gave it their best shot and pleaded with the humans to make a switch of the traditional Thanksgiving feast to cow, pig or maybe even fish as the main course. After the humans listened to the wild turkey’s pleas, they decided to give the turkeys 'temporary immunity' while they engaged in a fun game of 'What Thanksgiving Thing am I.' They continued with the challenging 'Football Mascot Challenge' before settling in for a nice Thanksgiving Dinner. But before they could dig into the Thanksgiving feast, a victim was discovered in the adjacent room! Murder on Thanksgiving?! Disastrous! The group rallied together to investigate whodunit before the murderer could get away! They took a quick break from the stress of the investigation and played some awesome games such as the 'Thanksgiving Scramble Challenge', 'Thanksgiving Bingo' and the hilarious 'So You Wanna Make a Turkey' challenge. Then, the guests one by one accused who they believed the murderer was and then to everyone's shock...the murderer confessed! The guests capped off the investigation with a hilarious game of 'Thanksgiving Charades' followed by a challenging 'Thanksgiving Word Hunt' game and then settled in for a delectable Thanksgiving feast! Overall it was most definitely a Thanksgiving that everyone will remember for years to come!

In addition to the fun Thanksgiving Day Murder Mystery Party Game, you'll also receive the following bonus activities in your instant download:
  • Ice-breaking General Trivia challenge
  • What Thanksgiving thing could I be?
  • Mystery Thanksgiving Scramble
  • The Awesome Thanksgiving Charade Challenge
  • Fingerprint Challenge
  • Football Mascot Challenge
  • Thanksgiving Bingo
  • Fun Music Lyric Challenge
  • You Want to Make a Turkey Challenge
  • Thanksgiving Rap Off
  • Thanksgiving Word Hunt
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