Non-Murder Mystery Game: The Mystery at the Mistman Movie Premiere - Instant Download

Non-Murder Mystery Game: The Mystery at the Mistman Movie Premiere - Instant Download


Get your Hollywood glam gear ready for your next celebrity mystery party game! A non-murder Hollywood themed mystery party for adults, 12 guests - 8 required and 4 optional.
In addition to the exciting non-murder mystery party, you'll receive the following bonus activities:
  • Ice-breaking movie trivia questions
  • What Movie Character am I? game
  • Writers, Producers, Directors and Actors
  • Hollywood Actor/Actress trivia questions
  • Quiet on the set! Movie Production Charades
  • The Money Game

The producers of 'Mistman' hosted a VIP gala event for their upcoming movie release. 'Mistman' was a multi-million dollar budgeted movie and thrilling futuristic superhero adventure starring Prince Prawn as the strong and courageous 'Mistman' and Zangelina Holie-Hitt as his undying love interest, Victoria Shlonslinger. The producers invited the top echelon of Hollywood to attend this special unannounced VIP premiere to promote additional media hype for the movie. The guests arrived on the red carpet and were greeted with cocktails and appetizers. Most of the celebrities already knew each other and so they participated in a fun challenge of having the most money at the end of the night's events. After mingling about and getting caught up on all of the latest Hollywood gossip, the guests underwent a fun 'What Movie Star am I?' challenge. Then, a delectable star-worthy dinner was served while they worked on a challenge called 'Writers, Directors, Producers and Actors.' Given a premise, the stars had to write, direct, produce and act out their own skits that they created during dinner! They laughed at each other tremendously...that is...until a precious item of one of the guests was stolen! The guests rallied together to figure out 'whodunit' and return the beloved item to its rightful owner. The investigation lasted a while as the guests mingled and collected information from each other. Some pieced together the crime with no problem while others were way off base! Then, one by one, the guests came clean with their involvement, if any, with the crime...and the thief confessed! To top off the night, the guests participated in a 'Movie Production Charades' Challenge. Overall, the movie premiere was a success and it was the place to be in all of Hollywood!